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practioner information
Embryo Transfer Operating Agreement

In order to become a certified Embryo Transfer Business (ETB), an ETB must enter into an Operating Agreement with AETA using the form provided by the AETA.

EU - Zootechnical Certificates for Embryos

Instructions for the request of "EU - Zootechnical Certificates for Embryos":

  1. Complete the following document:
  2. Complete the fillable PDF, or attach a copy of completed IETS "D. Application for Embryo Export" (D-Form) included with the embryo shipment:
  3. Email 1.) submission form, and 2.) fillable PDF, OR attach a copy of completed IETS "D. Application for Embryo Export" (D-Form) to the appropriate cattle breed association.

Cattle Breed Associations:
Holstein USA: JLevisee@holstein.com
Jersey USA: jwilliams@usjersey.com
American Angus Association: gfuston@angus.org
American Guernsey Association: ralden@usguernsey.com
American Wagyu Association: office@wagyu.org (ATTN: Martha + AWA membership #)

Straw Labeling Information

In able to identify the embryo, help the thawing practitioner match embryo and recipient, and supply the information needed to register the offspring, please review the following straw labeling guidelines.

AETA Straw Labeling Guidelines

Export Regulations

Veterinary Biologics

EU: Approved Establishments

USDA-AHPIS Export Regulations and Health Charts

Health charts may be found by scrolling down the APHIS web page to the heading List of Countries. Then click on the first letter of the name of the country whose health chart is needed. A list of countries will appear, select the country you need and scroll down the page until you find the chart you need, and click on it. The health chart should appear.

A note of caution: The APHIS listing may not be the most recent version. Some exporters may have, and require that you use, a more recent version of that county's health chart. Always check with your exporter.

AETA Annual Survey

Data is annually collected from the member embryo transfer business’s (ETB’s) of the American Embryo Transfer Association through this survey. An annual summary of the survey is published as a report. The data represents a subset of the AETA membership and the embryo transfer industry in the USA.

View Survey Results

Japan Certificate & Guidelines

Embryo Certificate for Japan

Guidelines for completing AETA Bovine Embryo Certificates for Japan

1. Certificates should be TYPED, not handwritten.

2. One certificate should be completed for EACH embryo to be exported. If there are 5 embryos in a mating, there should be 5 certificates completed.

3. Signatures should be in blue ink and original – no photocopied signatures.

4. Do NOT staple any forms or certificates.

5. There should be no lines left blank. One in particular that seems to be overlooked is the NAAB Grade of Sire. This should always be "outstanding".

6. An "Undesirable Recessive Statement" for both the donor dam and donor service sire must accompany the AETA certificates. These are obtained from the breed associations. If either the donor dam or donor services sire are recorded as carriers of any genetic disorders, this must be stated on the AETA certificates. Example: "Regancrest Elton Durham-ET is recorded as a carrier of Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM). Please review accompanying letter." If there are no genetic disorders, specify "None" on the applicable line.

7. The "Date of Collection" and "Date of Donor Insemination" should be 7 days apart. If the donor was bred on 2 different days, please write only one date and select the date 7 days prior to collection.

8. The "Breed Association" for the service should be the breed association he is registered with. If he is a U.S. sire, use the U.S. breed association name and address; if he is a Canadian sire, use the Canadian breed association name and address.

9. Effective November 1, 2009 the fee to process certificates is $10.00 per certificate. Checks are made payable to the AETA and sent with the certificates. If certificates need to be re-done for any reason, the fee will be charged again. Certificates will be re-done and assigned the same numbers with "amended" written beside them, and dated current.

10. It is most helpful if certificates are submitted with a cover letter stating the mating, cane #, straw #'s, and where they should be returned/forwarded. If express service is requested, please provide a completed Fed Ex airway bill, UPS airway bill or priority envelope with postage.

Major Breed Association Links

Red Angus
Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB)
Canadian Network for Dairy Excellence

Member Services
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