Ethics of Estradiol Use in the United States

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Published on: December 19, 2013

There were many topics at the annual meeting in Reno that stimulated conversation and among them was the topic of estradiol usage in the U.S.  This is certainly an issue that has been raised many times over the years but we felt it appropriate, in light of these conversations, to reiterate the legal status of estradiol usage in the U.S. and the AETA position regarding such use.  The FDA has set forth a clear mandate that the use of estrogenic compounds is prohibited in food animals in the U.S. (

Estradiol usage in food producing animals for production purposes would not be allowed in an “extra-label” manner under any circumstances.  There has also been clear evidence presented by several of our own members proving that alternative treatments are available for follicular wave synchronization.

Over time there has been a number of basic research and clinical studies involving estradiol presented at the annual AETA meetings.  The fact that these studies have been presented to the membership is NEITHER an endorsement NOR a statement on the legality of the protocols by either the AETA or its Board of Directors.  It should be noted that several of the presentations at this year’s meeting clearly indicated that estradiol use is not legal in the United States.

We would take this opportunity to remind our members that they are expected to comply with the By-Laws and the Code of Ethics of the AETA. It is clearly stated that all members “shall comply with all federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations governing or impacting the industry.”

Kevin Lindell
President, AETA

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