Evidence-Based ET: Does corpus luteum (CL) quality in bovine ET recipients matter?

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Published on: December 19, 2013

John F. Hasler

Yes, of course it does! Obviously, however, the accuracy of this statement depends on the definition of CL ‘quality’. In many cases, assessing the ‘quality’ of the corpus luteum is not a particularly accurate endeavor whether it is based on gross morphology, rectal palpation or ultrasound examination. When considering the outcome of ET in bovine recipients, the most important single criterion involving the CL is whether or not there is sufficient progesterone to support a pregnancy. Based on this, and for the purposes of this discussion, I am defining CL ‘quality’ as being related to progesterone secretion.  However, it is not practical to determine progesterone levels in recipients at the time of ET.  In addition, numerous studies have demonstrated that there is a very wide range of progesterone levels at the time of ET that successfully support pregnancy. Consequently, ET usually is based on physical characteristics of the CL at the time of transfer.


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