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Published on: April 30, 2013

Thanks to AETA for the opportunity to let ya`ll know what`s been going on in my life since retirement about seven years ago (can`t possibly be that long ago). It really has been great not having to think about how many cows we are going to collect (not flush) and transfer this week and how far we are going to travel to get that work done. Don`t get me wrong, ET was very good to me for nearly thirty years. I do miss seeing many of the good clients and working with friends and staff. We have leased our place where we had the business to a good friend whom I worked with for many years and he has professional staff come in to do the collections and transfers.

After “hanging up the sleeve”, I totally gave cows up. Essentially not touching one until late last year when a former partner and friend contacted me about helping him out while he would be out recovering from abdominal surgery. I first declined because there had been so much time since I had been “in” a cow. About a week later, he called with “an offer you can`t refuse.” Adequate pay and a paid for week of golf in Arizona–I did not refuse. We made that trip in late October and had a great time playing the beautiful courses John had scheduled. After getting back and somewhat looking forward to the work scheduled in mid-December, I was unable to do it because of a severe heart issue. Apparently a congenital enlarged aorta or, as the cardiologist called it, an aortic aneurysm and resulting torn aortic valve, I found myself in St Luke’s hospital in Houston. They replaced the upper aorta and the aortic valve. Fortunately all coronary arteries were in great shape.

Thanks be to God and prayers from those of you that knew and things seem to be great now. I am back to playing a lot of golf and a lot of work around the home place. I think the surgeons removed some of my golf swing, but at least I can still get out there. Before this all happened, my wife Marcia and I made a two week trip to Myrtle Beach where I played in the World Amateur Handicapped Championship and won my flight which allowed me to play in the championship round–that didn’t come quite as good.

All things considered, retirement has been good as I have been able to stay in touch with several ET friends, done some domestic traveling and am taking life pretty easy. It is good to do things that you don`t necessarily have to do and can spend more time with my lovely wife and a little more with my grandsons.
It still seems impossible that the time gets away so fast and for you younger ones, know it does not slow down the older you get–it only goes faster so enjoy it while you can. One other thing about being older now, I probably won`t be around to see what the final outcome will be in this country if something doesn’t change. What ever happened to people having gonads and standing up for what is right.

Thanks for all the officers and board members getting their jobs done. Sure glad it wasn’t that complicated when I was in that position.

Good luck, Good health and God Bless to all,

Joe Oden



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