December President’s Letter

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Published on: December 21, 2012

As my term expires at the end of December I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeremy and the FASS staff as well as the AETA board of directors for a great year. Thanks to the leadership of previous boards putting us back in a stable condition after plummeting off our own “fiscal cliff” several years ago we are now able to look at opportunities to enhance member benefits. It is a lot more exciting to attend board meetings now to discuss new ideas and vision statements than to worry about how to pay the bills. So as we move forward I would just like to thank those individuals who handled the GMO crisis for the opportunities we have now. I think the future is bright and I would encourage anyone to get involved on a committee or the board. The new set of officers is the youngest group we have had in a long time, so expect plenty of good things to come.

To give more consistency to the terms of directors and officers, they will officially take office beginning January 1. In the past, terms have been between annual meetings, but with dates changing each year for those from mid August to late October it would have some serve 10 months and some 14 months. This also gives a period between being elected and taking office to transition critical duties such as treasurer.

I would like to thank our Canadian colleagues for hosting an outstanding meeting in Winnipeg. Highlights of that meeting as well as a summary of the board of directors meeting are contained in this newsletter. Our intent is to provide a summary of issues from the board meeting so members can proactively participate on these as they are being developed instead of reacting to them after the board has implemented action. Please take time to read this summary and give us your opinion.

I had the opportunity to take advantage of one of our new programs this fall. Dr. Looney invited me to spend a day working with him at a client’s facility. We were able to spend all day and half the night discussing embryo transfer with a little Razorback and Wildcat football mixed in as well as next year’s meeting in Reno. Aside from the certification credit available, I probably learned as much in that one day as any meeting I have ever attended. I absolutely would encourage everyone to use the excuse of obtaining “Certification Credit” to get to visit another practice, even if you don’t need the credit, and thanks Charles for the hospitality.

Glenn Engelland

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