Board of Director’s Meeting, September 2012

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Published on: December 21, 2012

The AETA Board of Directors works hard at managing the Association.  Now, much of what the Board accomplishes is not seen by the membership:  the meetings are closed and the minutes are not published.  This article is written to give the membership a better understanding of Board function as it presents a brief look at a Board meeting.

The Board meets at least twice a year, once at the annual meeting and once in mid-winter.  These meetings are a systematic review of all the activities of the AETA.  Each committee files a written report and these reports are read and discussed in detail.  Any Board recommendations or action points are returned to the committee chairmen.  The financial status of the association receives its own very thorough review.

These discussions are thorough, detailed, and comprehensive.  They would probably not make for good reading in a newsletter.  There were several additional topics that were discussed that should interest some of the membership.

Money would be a good example.  The AETA has a very solid financial status.  It should be noted that the AETA switched banks in order to accomplish lower service fees on their accounts.  Interest on deposit accounts is very low; decreasing service fees helps to offset the low interest income.  The appropriate level of cash reserve was discussed.  And several ‘returns’ to the membership were also discussed; one return that was enacted is a $50 credit for any individual filing their statistics report early.

Education is another large topic of discussion.  Education encompasses several committees and has its own financial impact.  Over the past few years strong interest has grown in the area of small ruminant embryo transfer and attendance at conference-associated wet labs has been excellent.  Plans are being developed for the production of a web-based training video and  DVD focused specifically on small ruminants.  The mainstay of the association, bovine ET, remains in focus with an ET 101 wet lab and a mentoring program under discussion.  A special break-out session for technicians and another pre-conference symposium with the IETS are under consideration.

The AETA Vision Statement was reviewed.  It was noted that the AETA has accomplished a great deal of programmed growth through the vision process.  The Board plans to reexamine the Vision Statement at its winter meeting.

Finally, there was some discussion as to whether or not IVF calves and/or donors should be uniquely identified.  Donor dams and calves resulting from standard ET procedures have been specifically identified for years.  There are unique feature to the IVF process and offspring that could warrant identification.  This topic is still under consideration.

So, this is all part of a day’s work for your Board of Directors.  Please feel free to contact a Board member or Jeremy at the AETA office if you have a question or concern that you believe the Board should address.

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