2013 AETA Board of Director Nominees

Dr. Richard S. (Sam) Castleberry is a graduate of Texas A &M University receiving his Doctors of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1975.  Immediately upon graduating from veterinary school, he went to work for Rio Vista Genetics, one of the pioneers in the embryo transfer business (back in the days when embryos were surgically collected from donors and implanted into recipient cattle.)  In 1983, he established Veterinary Reproductive Services which focused primarily on “on-the-farm” bovine embryo transplant. In 1993, after establishing a contact in New Zealand, Dr. Castleberry expanded his practice to include Boer Goat embryo transfers and collections and was instrumental in importing Boer Goat genetics into the U.S.  Dr. Castleberry has experience with importing and exporting embryos and/or performing embryo work in  6 out of the 7 continents in the world.

Dr. Castleberry was a founding member of the AETA and has previously served on the AETA board. If elected, he has the time to devote to serving the needs of the association.  He is proud of the way the association has evolved and would like to help it improve and grow for the future.


Bethany Funnell

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Bethany received her DVM from Purdue University in 2004, and has been employed as a Research Associate by the University of Minnesota North Central Research and Outreach Center (NCROC) since her graduation.  Bethany is currently the coordinator/practitioner for the Reproductive Biotechnology Center, which provides in vivo embryo recovery and transfer services, and ultrasound-guided OPU and IVF services, both commercially and for research purposes.  Recent research has focused on nutrition/reproduction interactions, and the direct effects on both the IVF oocyte and embryo, as well as the in vivo embryo.

In addition to ET services, Bethany also has a local clientele of beef producers to whom she provides herd health services.  The North Central Research and Outreach Center currently houses 250 beef cows, and Bethany and her husband (Mike) maintain a herd of 50 head of purebred cows.  This gives Bethany insight and intimate knowledge of the production and economic challenges of her clientele.

Bethany is also an active member of the University of Minnesota Extension Beef Team, which consists of  faculty, staff, and graduate students involved in beef research and outreach.

Bethany has also been involved in providing training sessions domestically, as well as internationally.  She traveled to Kaluga, Russia in 2009, to speak at the Agricultural Academy at Timeryazev University, and to the Bangladesh Agricultural University in Mymensingh, Bangladesh in 2011.  She also has been invited to speak at the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Florida in January 2013.

Bethany is very honored to have been nominated for the Board of Directors, and would love the opportunity to represent the membership, learn from past experiences of those in the Association, and look for new opportunities for AETA in the future.


Chuck Gue

I earned a DVM from the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 and was introduced to embryo transfer procedures during an elective clinical rotation prior to graduation.  As an associate practitioner in a mixed veterinary practice in southeast Nebraska, I provided very modest bovine embryo collection and transfer services to local seed-stock and club calf producers.  Following employment with Trans Ova Genetics from late 1990 through early 2005, I have been providing embryo transfer services as a solo practitioner from my home in southwest Montana.

As a member of the AETA for 20 years, I have certainly not done enough in the past to give back to he members that are the association.  I thank the board for the humbling nomination and I would be honored to extend my time and efforts to our association.


Brad R. Lindsey, PhD

Brad received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Texas A&M University in 1982 & 1984, then his PhD from the University of Nebraska in 1998. His former employers include Granada Biosciences, Trans Ova Genetics, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Tropical Beef Centre (Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia), Stroud Veterinary Embryo Services, AB Technology, Inc. (now Bioniche Animal Health), Minitube of America, Genetic Resources International (now Sexing Technologies) and OvaGenix.  Dr. Lindsey was an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin and at Washington State University and a member of the WSU/Idaho Center of Reproductive Biology.

In 2005, Brad started Rex Consulting (now Ovitra Biotechnology, Inc.) to provide ET services and technical support to cattle producers, biotech companies, and ET firms. A long-standing member of both the AETA and IETS, he has served on several committees (IETS: CANDES & Technology; AETA: Newsletter & currently, Certification) and was the Local Organizing Committee Chairman for the 2004 IETS meeting in Portland. Dr. Lindsey has dedicated his entire professional career to studying and implementing advanced embryo & reproductive technologies and continues to do so through Ovitra. With 30 years involvement in all facets of the ET industry (including academic teaching & research, private research & product development, producer- and practitioner-oriented consulting, services & training), Brad would like to use this experience by serving on the AETA BOD for the benefit and representation of all of its members.

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