Catching Up: Dr. Clifton Murphy, DVM

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Published on: June 26, 2012

This edition features Dr. Clifton Murphy, an Honorary Life Member of the AETA.  He writes to us from the University of Missouri where he is active in support of their stem cell research program.  He strongly suggests that we should all get on our computers and start reading about stem cells; “just type in ‘adipose stem cells’,” he said.  He also provided a link,


And here is what he had to say about his life today:

Yes, as strange as it may seem-I have been asked to write this article. I shall give only the Abstract

Not the complete thesis. Sixty years ago, I received my BSc and DVM.  Only five DVM Mo’52 are

Still living,  Fifty-two years ago, under the direction of Dr. O. R. Adams, Colo. State,

I received an advance degree in Surgery . This was a good experience.  He often repeated these

Words of advice, ”know the difference between Feat and Technique’.

I will be 86 years old on July 9th.  I have a twin brother and I have noticed that he looks old.

We have been through the great depression and the Great War-after those experiences

Everything was easy.  I have a wonderful family—blood is thicker than water.

My professional life has been a great pleasure. ‘If you love your work, you will never work a

Day in your life’. The most important reason, is that is that I have enjoyed and been helped

By so many friends. I often feel that I have taken more than I have given along life’s road.


I retired from the practice of embryo transfer at the young age of 65.  I started a new career

With Dr. Randy Prather’s molecular laboratory , University of Missouri.  My contribution

Is porcine surgery. We perform about 400/year, which includes embryo recoveries, transfers

And c-sections.  I am humbled and amazed by how little that I know about the embryo.

All that I really know is UFO(unfertilized oocyte)embryo classifications and grades.  We have

Pigs whose organs might be transferred to humans. With the cloning procedures almost any

Human condition can be mimicked, making the pig the perfect lab-animal.

Everything-is beyond my pay-grade.

.STEM CELLS –this is my new interest.  We have started some look-see work with adipose stem

Cells to enhanced reproduction.  Please take your computer and start reading.  I am as certain

About the future use of stem cells –as I was about Embryo Transfer- that’s when I sold my perfect

Drive in clinic.  I then put on that long plastic glove.  I hope that father time, will let me work

a little longer-this is and will be exciting.

I have included a picture of my refuge-corner. On the wall above my desk, I often place a picture

Or other objects to help me think about pleasant things or take minute vacations. Try it.

I now have a picture of our first IVF calf with the surrogate mother.  Born many years ago ,

On Christmas eve, so we named him Jesus.  No doubt we did have help from above.

There is also an ear tag-345- from the sow with our first pregnancy with the addition of adipose

Stem cells that were transferred along with the embryos.

The IETS and AETA members have helped me for many years.  I enjoy the newsletters.

The AETA awarded me the Honorary Life Membership- is appreciated –THANKS

I will not be able to attend the meetings this year -lets’ have one more in Ft Collins.

There are so many things waiting to be discovered and utilized to improve our profession.

I am honored that Murphy Scholarship Fund in Animal Reproduction was established in

2008 to aid a student doing research in the quest to improve animal reproduction.

I  have been asked many times, ’when are you going to stop working ?  I have not worked a day

In my life, I attend a science meeting every day, AND Mrs. M tells me ‘that you can’t stay

Home all day’.  So, keep working those stem cells do a little surgery-

My life is being controlled by FATHER TIME and he always wins ,

I don’t like it—-and you won’t either.

‘”Thanks for being my FRIEND”-none named-none forgotten.  it has been a wonderful trip

Sorry that it has to end so soon.  I often pause and think—what if-I had not sold my perfect

Drive-in small animal clinic in Lawton, Oklahoma?  Life is full of ‘what ifs’?




And, finally, he did include a brief “what if” note:  Smile-take time to smell the roses-your life and family are more important than ET cows.  Doc Murph

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