June 2012 President’s Letter

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Published on: June 26, 2012

I hope everyone is in the middle of a busy season, but able to see light at the end of the tunnel. I seem to find myself looking at the calendar, hunting for open days in the embryo schedule, so we can catch up on odd jobs or just take a break. When I started this letter we were looking at one of the driest summers on record beginning, but I have to edit it, as we have just gotten over 2 inches of rain in the last 2 days. I don’t know if it helps, but it sure makes everyone’s attitude better. Wheat harvest is over in our area and normally doesn’t begin until about June 20th. There has been more straw baled around here than I have ever seen in anticipation of tight forage supplies again this year.

We have attempted to expand the content of the newsletter and I would like to thank Dr. Allen Rushmer for taking the lead to get this accomplished. Feedback from the article on Dr. Harley Schneider’s retirement in Costa Rica was extremely positive, so we will attempt to get such an article in each newsletter. If anyone has knowledge of a retired members life after embryo transfer or any other human interest story, please let Jeremy or Allen know.

The cooperator committee is finalizing plans to send a delegation to India on an initial fact finding trip. They will focus on making contacts that may help develop protocols for future export of U S embryos to that country. This trip is funded with money procured through our involvement with USLGE. Previous endeavors of this type have helped open markets to places like Europe, Japan, China, and most recently to Russia. The committee should have a report of the trip at the Winnipeg meeting.

Changes to the certification program have taken effect . These updates should make the program stronger and give it more credibility worldwide. We have a session planned at the annual meeting to explain details and answer any questions. The new program and forms for reporting colleague visits for credit are on the website.

The annual meeting in Winnipeg Canada is fast approaching. The program looks excellent and the social events are going to be top notch. You might want to begin looking at travel plans, and don’t forget you must have a passport. If you know any interested students remind them that AETA memberships are now free.

As the busy season continues and you are up to your ears in alligators, remember to use common sense and think safety first. I just had a client loose several teeth when a cow kicked a gate at him. He was talking instead of paying attention. How often do we see a stupid mistake turn into a serious injury in the blink of an eye? Stay healthy and hope to see everyone in Winnipeg.

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