US Calves on Russian TV

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Published on: March 15, 2012

American calves, born in Yaroslavl Russia, were featured in a report on Russia’s second most-watched TV station.  These calves are the offspring of American donor cows.  The embryos were collected by AETA members; there were 60 Holstein, 20 Hereford, and 20 Simmental embryos.  A team of Cooperator Committee members managed the selection and shipping, and performed the transfer of the embryos in Russia. Many thanks to Scott Armbrust, Byron Williams, Matt Dorshorst, Michael Pugh, and Kory Bigalk for the time and effort they invested in this project.

This report is a positive affirmation of the work of the Cooperator Committee.  In addition, Morgan Haas, a US embassy staffer, is reportedly very pleased with the cooperation provided by the AETA and USLGE.  The Cooperator Committee has made great progress in Russia and China with the Quality Sample (QSP) ET projects.

The Russian TV coverage can be accessed from the US Embassy report:

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