2011 AETA Annual Convention Student Scholarship Award Winner Report: Lindsey Wallman

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Published on: October 27, 2011

Dear AETA members –

Thank you for sponsoring my trip to the annual convention in San Antonio as well as helping me feel like a welcome addition to your organization.  I am currently finishing my fourth year in the University of Nebraska / Iowa State University cooperative program and looking forward to integrating embryo transfer and other reproductive services into my services as a veterinarian.

My objectives for attending the convention this year were to meet and learn from people in the veterinary reproductive services field and learn how to integrate advanced reproductive services into a herd and how specifically to provide those technical skills.  Meeting and learning from people in the field started the moment I got off the airplane, and continued at the golf course and throughout the convention at luncheons, breaks, etc.  I can’t thank you as members of the AETA as well as members of the CETA enough for making me feel welcome and providing guidance for me as a fourth year student preparing to enter the veterinary profession.  I even received some guidance on improving my golf game!

I also accomplished my goal of learning more ways to integrate advanced reproductive services into a herd.  Many of the members I talked to have been very innovative with the specific services they offer to clients which are a huge asset to our profession and the agriculture industry.  The sessions on using embryo transfer to improve summer fertility and discussion on the use of genomics to make better decisions in selecting genetics for an individual herd or breed association were very helpful and will make me a more useful asset as a new graduate to my clients as well as a veterinary practice.

I also hoped to learn more about the technical aspects of reproductive services currently being offered as well as services veterinarians may be able to offer in the future.  The sessions on cryopreservation, managing recipients, as well as RNA interference based gene silencing helped me to meet this objective.  It was also very educational walking through the exhibit hall to see what technology is currently available for ultrasound, cryopreservation and advanced technology.

Thanks again for the leadership and financial contributions of the members of the AETA to make this scholarship possible and for including me as a part of your annual convention.  The advice and knowledge I gained from the experience will be invaluable as I begin a career in veterinary medicine in May.  I look forward to working with all of you in the future as a part of your organization.


Lindsey Wallman

University of Nebraska / Iowa State University – Class of 2012


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