October President’s Letter

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Published on: October 27, 2011

As the weather is cooling here in Kansas, the fall crops are being harvested, the wheat is mostly planted  and the farmers are finally turning their attention to the cows. With the record breaking heat and drought scorching the pastures and feed supplies, most cattlemen from here south  have been culling to the heart of their herds and scrambling to acquire enough feed to maintain the few cows they have retained. Driving north on I-35 from San Antonio to Salina in August, we met a steady stream of hay trucks heading south. It is a large area that is hurting and prospects for plentiful moisture don’t look promising. I guess the silver lining is that when we do get moisture, there are going to be a lot of good cattle needed to repopulate. There is always positive in every situation!

The San Antonio convention was a success thanks to many people lending a hand. Special thanks go to Dr. Castleberry for hosting the small ruminant wet lab at his facility, and to Dr. Looney for providing equipment and personnel to make the timely topics sessions happen. Thanks to all those who presented talks or organized events, your time and expertise are appreciated. Once again our sponsors and exhibitors stepped up big time to contribute to making this event a yearly reunion that not only informs and educates but is just plain enjoyable. Yep, the timely topics need a little constructive tweaking, but all in all, it was a success. To everyone that contributed to making this event happen I would like to extend a sincere Texas- sized Thank You!

Updates on issues from the association:

1)      The AETA state practice act position statement committee has been formed and is working on a draft for the Board of Directors to consider at our winter meeting. The five member committee is being chaired by Dr. Jim West with Dr. Randall Hinshaw, Dr. Jim Spears, Dr. Brad Stroud, and Dr. Edwin Robertson. This is a very important document which we will provide to any one inquiring as to our stance on this issue, so if you have an opinion,  please contact one of these people or any BOD member .

2)      The AETA is sponsoring a joint pre-conference symposium prior with the IETS  in Phoenix in January. Dr. Looney has been working diligently to put together a great program . Hope to see everyone there.

3)      The Cooperator Committee is in the process of sending a second shipment of  “Quality Samples” embryos to Russia and going over to transfer them. Last year’s transfers are calving and the results are promising. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off in opening up new markets for our client’s genetics and more business for us.

4)      The AETA website is undergoing a major overhaul. Details are contained elsewhere in this newsletter. Thanks to Dr. Rushmer and the FASS IT staff.

5)      The Board of Directors has approved sending myself as a representative to serve on the testing committee in Oklahoma to license non- DVM’s to perform embryo transfer procedures in that state. I met with the committee in Stillwater and voiced our concerns about being involved. We have received what the board feels are adequate assurances and disclaimers so that anyone will understand this is not an AETA endorsed program and we are acting strictly in an advisory capacity.

It is shaping up to be a very busy year with some big decisions ahead. If you have any desire to serve on a committee or get involved, speak up, you will find it rewarding and enjoyable. Hope everyone has a busy and safe fall breeding season, see you in Phoenix or next fall in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Quote worth requoting – “Democracy” must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner., James Bovard (1994)


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