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Published on: July 7, 2011

Happy summer, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day.

Coming Soon

I hope you’re noticing that our website is becoming a veritable bulletin board for our association:  membership renewal, meeting registrations, CE credits, official board correspondence, Board of Directors guidelines, links to sponsors, links to affiliate associations, and more.  AETA.org has become such an important and busy communication tool that we’ve charged the education committee with a complete redesign of the website. It’ll be even more exciting! Stay tuned!

Mark These Dates

The 2012 IETS meeting will be in Phoenix in January.  It will include a joint AETA/IETS pre-conference forum.  For more information about the IETS meeting please visit their meeting page at http://www.iets.org/2012/.  Thanks to Dr. Charles Looney for all of his work on this!  Next year’s CETA/AETA joint meeting will be held September 12–15, 2012 in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada (http://www.aeta.org/2012). Hope to see you there!

We’re racing toward the 2011 AETA/CETA Joint Annual Convention, now only seven weeks away! Dr. Engelland has done an excellent job with the “Back to Basics” conference. Of course, you can check it all out on the website—review the program, see the social events, and register online at http://www.aeta.org/2011/. Hope to see all of you in San Antonio! We had 8 candidates for the two student scholarships to the annual meeting this year, thanks to Facebook (I think).

The Certification Committee has revised the Certification Guidelines, which will be on the website very soon. At the Winter Board Meeting, your directors decided that the Certification Committee Chair would also be the Chief Administrative Officer. When practitioners become certified, they agree to periodic inspections by AETA or its agents. The Certification Committee was charged by the Board to make a recommendation for regular inspections of certified practitioners. We hope to make some decisions regarding that at the next Board meeting in August.

There are many other documents on the website for your review and consideration prior to our annual meeting. Please take some time to review these documents before our Annual Meeting in San Antonio. The Board has approved the Nomination Committee slate of 2011 candidates for the board of directors. Each has a bio and statement for your review at http://www.aeta.org/nomcommcandidates.asp.

The Proposed Members Code of Ethics is available for your review at http://www.aeta.org/CodeOfConduct_Draft.pdf.  The Board is seeking member ratification of this important document.  You’ll be voting on this at the annual meeting.  Committee reports should also be on the website by August 15 for your review. I encourage you to vote in the logo contest (http://www.aeta.org/logovote.asp).

Any of you who are involved with embryo export to China are aware that the next inspection cycle is upon us. These will be completed this month. I want to commend all the people that have worked so hard in organizing this: Mike Phillips with USLGE, Dr. Armbrust, Dr. Duxbury, and Dr. Courtney Williams have spent weeks verifying participants, arranging schedules, and then rearranging them. Thank you all very much!

There’s also been an army of volunteers working on getting everyone to the table next week for discussions on protocols for Russia through the new Custom House Union. This involves the US Foreign Agriculture Service, USDA APHIS, EU officials, the AETA Government Liaison Committee, and efforts by the AETA Cooperator Committee.  It’s certainly a complex mixture! Thanks to everyone.

Our industry lost a great pioneer last month.  Dr. Albert Mills died on Saturday, June 18th 2011. I had the privilege of serving on a previous AETA Board with him—what a perfect gentleman.  He helped lead the way in non-surgical techniques for collection and transfer of bovine embryos. Thank you, Dr. Mills!  For more information please follow this link:  http://charletfuneralhome.com/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=1188693&fh_id=10772

My term as your President will end in San Antonio. It has been an honor to serve this wonderful organization and I thank you for the opportunity and privilege. I have tried to recognize the efforts of all our committees throughout the year. The Board is the legal authority for the AETA, but the work of our association occurs in the committees with volunteers like you. Thank you to all that work so hard behind the scenes for us!!! The American Embryo Transfer Association needs you to carry out our work.


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