March Presidents Letter

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Published on: March 23, 2011

Happy Spring Everybody!

I’m certainly looking forward to spring! New England had a REAL winter this year, with lots of snow and colder than normal. March has warmed, we’ve had some rain, and we still have 18 inches of hardened snow in the yard. It’s the price we pay for living in one of the most beautiful spots in the world!

AETA’s been quite busy this quarter! By unanimous decision, this and future newsletters will be on our website for all the public. Dr. Duxbury prepared a draft letter in response to FDA request for comment on non-approved drug usage (Thanks Margaret!). FSH products are a very small piece of that expansive group of products. With a few edits and the board’s approval we submitted AETA’s response by the deadline. This document is available to all AETA members on the website.

AETA’s Board of Directors met in San Antonio on February 19 at the Marriot River Center, site of our 2012 annual meeting. It is a fabulous site! Drs. Engelland and Looney are putting together a great program for August. Be sure to visit the meeting website for the latest news and conference updates!  AETA’s finances are in great shape, we have reached the prudent reserve targets established in 2010. For a snapshot of the 2011 AETA financial status visit: Our recent by-laws revision created a cascade of work for the board and FASS. Jamie Ritter and FASS staff created an AETA Board of Director’s Manual which will help the board and FASS to schedule reports, conference deadlines, and legal filings. This document will forever be modified as our needs and procedures evolve. That’s expected. Its real value is the template it provides for all future boards in action. Thank you FASS!

The by- laws also charge the board to create a Member’s Code of Ethics. Drs. Lindell and Williams provided a draft for the board. Our Friends at CETA shared their code of conduct too. With those and two hours of Board discussion, revision, and revision we have posted a final draft on the website for your review and input. The Board will submit this for member approval at the annual business meeting in San Antonio.

The Certification Committee suggested in Concord to fill the position of Chief Administrative Officer as described in the Certification Guidelines. The Board invited Steve Malin, Certification Committee Chair to our board meeting for further discussion. The Board decided the Certification Committee Chair should also serve as CAO for certification. We also discussed at length implementing an inspection program for Certified Practitioners as described in certification guidelines and practitioner agreement. After lively discussion the consensus is that this needs to happen. The questions are: Who will inspect? What are the consequences? How do we fund this? Can this address specific complaints? We shared many possible solutions. Conclusion: More work is needed at the committee level. The Board is hoping for this guidance from the Committee at the August Board meeting. STAY TUNED!

CETA presented a letter to IETS’ Regulatory Sub-Committee of Health and Scientific Advisory Committee suggesting changes in Sanitary Status of Liquid Nitrogen Tanks for Embryo Export. The Board agreed to support this position with a written letter of endorsement to IETS-HASAC Committee. These letters will be posted on AETA website as soon as they are available.

IETS and AETA are organizing a joint pre-conference forum for the 2012 IETS annual meeting in Phoenix, January 6-12, 2012. More information will be coming! Charles Looney is the motor behind this great collaborative effort. Thanks Charles!

In closing, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims, their families, and friends.


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