2023 AETA Board of Director’s Election

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Published on: September 25, 2023

The following 4 AETA Members are running for the 2024 Board of Directors. Be sure to join us in Orlando this October to chat with them and cast your ballet.

Joel Carter, PhD

Joel Carter, PhD, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to missionary parents. His father was an agricultural missionary assigned to a remote community in northeastern Brazil (Corrente, Piauí), where he managed ranches that supported a missionary school. On one of the furlough years in the United States, when Carter was 16, his father took him and his brothers to a Brangus ranch where the owner was flushing cows. This technology fascinated him and set him on his life path. He went on to Texas A&M University to learn about bovine reproduction and embryo transfer. He obtained his BS in animal science in 1987 at Texas A&M University, and his M.Ag. under Dr. Duane Kraemer in 1989, also at Texas A&M. He went back to work in Brazil in 1990, and then in 1995, returned to the United States to work on a PhD in physiology of reproduction under Dr. Robert Godke at Louisiana State University (2002).

He met his wife, Renée, while in Baton Rouge at LSU, and they are now happily married and live in Slaughter, just north of Baton Rouge, with their 3 children—Lily, Noah, and Eli. While in Madison, Wisconsin, for his wife’s residency at the UW Veterinary School, he had the fortune of meeting Dr. Steve Malin, who showed him a few tricks and convinced him to become AETA certified (2004) and to become more involved in AETA. Carter has served on the Membership committee now for several years.

Carter currently works mostly in the Southeast, mainly with beef breeds. Embryo transfer has allowed him to travel the world and to be exposed to purebred cattle everywhere. He still makes it back to Brazil when possible to get a taste of the cattle that created his passion for this business.

Dustin Davis, DVM

Dustin Davis was born and raised in rural northwest Georgia. In the words of Lewis Grizzard, he is “Georgia born and Georgia bred, and when he dies, he’ll be Georgia dead.” He attended the two-time national champion University of Georgia and majored in animal science. It was then that he discovered his desire to work in reproduction. After graduating, he married his wife, Catherine, 8 days before starting at UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. While in vet school, they ran a 250-head commercial beef operation outside Athens, Georgia.

Upon graduating in 2009, they moved to Rocky Mount, Virginia, to an all-ambulatory large animal practice and began flushing cows. Love and money make you do crazy things, and in 2011, he and his wife moved to Somerset, Pennsylvania, where he purchased a clinic and received the VMLRP. Along with bringing multiple ovulation embryo transfer (MOET), Davis received training in small ruminant/cervid laparoscopic AI and MOET in Australia in 2012. In 2015, he received further training in laparoscopic ovum pick-up and small ruminant IVF. In 2022, he split off the advanced reproduction services from his general practice and started Dynamic Concept Services in Rockwood, Pennsylvania.

Davis is active in the local little league with their two sons, Levi and Aaron, and they are active members of their church. As a family, they enjoy helping on the family farm, hog and deer hunting, and an occasional deep-sea fishing trip. On any given Saturday in the fall, you can find him glued to a television to watch the Dawgs play!

Tyler Dohlman, DVM

Tyler Dohlman was born and raised in a very small town in Riceville, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine (ISU CVM) in 2010 with a DVM and a passion for livestock reproduction, specifically cattle. After graduation, Dohlman moved to a mixed-animal private practice (heavy beef cow-calf and dairy).

Dohlman was first exposed to bovine embryo transfer through the professional curriculum at Iowa State under the guidance of Dr. Jim West and Marianna Jahnke. He moved on from private practice to join a large dairy in central Iowa, to advance the clinical skills and knowledge in bovine embryo transfer. During that time, an opportunity arose to advance his reproduction knowledge and clinical skills back at Iowa State University, where he completed a residency in Theriogenology and a concurrent masters in reproductive physiology in 2015, and he also became boarded as a Diplomat of the American College of Theriogenologists and a certified member of AETA. Since 2015, he has been a full-time faculty member teaching reproductive courses and providing reproductive services through the ISU CVM, including embryo transfer.

Dr. Dohlman has been active in AETA and currently serves on the AETA certification and cooperator committees and has previously served on the education committee. Through these committees, Dohlman has been able to assist with an AETA-USLGE QSP project in Kazakhstan and hosting the AETA certification exam for the past 4 years at Iowa State University and assisting with the certification exam becoming a digital format. In addition, he has been an active member for the Society for Theriogenology as the past chair of the production animal session for the annual meeting.

His wife, Amelia, is a registered veterinary technician (technician supervisor at Iowa State), and they have two children—Archie (4 ½) and Kit (1 ½). They currently live on acreage and raise full-blood Wagyu cattle. In his spare time, Dohlman enjoys spending time with family, cooking, fishing in Canada, and cheering on the Cyclones.

Charles Looney, PhD

Charles Looney has been interested in bovine reproduction since his 10th grade in high school. Looney enrolled in an artificial insemination course taught by ABS in 1970. ABS donated a semen tank and AI kit to Looney’s ag class, and he immediately starting breeding cattle for farms in his county. In those days, semen was frozen in glass ampules and plastic infusing pipets were used for insemination.

During his bachelor’s degree in college at the University of Arkansas, Looney enrolled in special problems class and collected and cryopreserved semen from rabbits. His master’s degree research was on collecting, extending, and cryopreserving bull semen with Krebs Cycle Intermediates. His doctorate research included the in vitro culture of BVD virus with embryos and transferring them into recipient cows.

Looney spent 8 years with Granada Biosciences, where he managed 400 donor cows during an aggressive commercial embryo transfer program in Texas with beef cattle and in California with dairy cows. In addition to his production responsibilities, he worked with researchers on embryo freezing and advanced micromanipulation and led a team of scientists in commercial cloning in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Looney has worked and consulted in several large commercial bovine embryo transfer programs prior to owning Ovagenix in Texas. Ovagenix had both commercial and research capabilities and was involved in training veterinarians and technicians in advanced reproductive technologies.

Looney has traveled extensively and given lectures and demonstrated techniques in bovine reproduction. His research at the University of Arkansas has been with estrous synchronization of beef cows and heifers using some novel protocols of presynchronization and resynchronization for artificial insemination and embryo transfer.

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