AETA President’s Report – Winter 2022

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Published on: December 6, 2022

Congratulations to Greg Schueller and the Convention Committee for putting together a great program that made our 2022 annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky, a huge success. A BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, exhibitors, and members who continued to support our association and industry for the last two years. It was great to see everyone in person again, and plans are already being made to make the 2023 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, a meeting everyone will want to attend!

The last four years of participating on the AETA board of directors has been an amazing experience. As I was thinking through how I would make an impact on the AETA and on the board of directors, I remembered watching my dad do the same thing for a breed association. I remember he was always working for the membership and wanting to make sure the association and the board of directors made decisions that benefited the membership. This year has reinforced to me that the AETA, its committees and committee members, and FASS with the direction of Morgan Montgomery are dedicated to working as hard for you as you do for your clients. For example, the Cooperator Committee is doubling the amount of QSP projects it is attempting to fulfill in 2022 and 2023, the Government Liaison Committee is hands-on involved in working with USDA APHIS to develop new export protocols to new markets and streamline those that already exist, the Education Committee is working to bring current content and information to you in an easily accessible format, the Certification Committee has greatly improved our ability to ensure certified members are practicing at the level needed to maintain certification by developing the recertification session at the annual meetings, and the newly developed Research Committee has awarded its first research project to one of six proposals that were submitted to them this year. I encourage everyone to look forward to that announcement and continue to follow or participate in this program as it continues to grow and benefit this association and its members!

The future of our association is built around education, certification, and membership. All of the committees and projects are working to improve those three pillars of our association every day. I am confident that this association is headed in the right direction and will continue to benefit its members for years to come. Thank you for allowing me the chance to be a part of it.

Respectfully Submitted,

Clay Breiner

2022 AETA President

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