2022 Student Scholarship Winner: Madeline Moen

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Published on: December 6, 2022

As I begin, I would like to first and foremost express my utmost gratitude to the AETA, its members, and the scholarship committee for granting me the opportunity to attend this year’s annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Having the opportunity to attend a conference that was so highly spoken of by my mentors and professors is something I will continue to remain grateful for. I am very pleased to say that this year’s conference not only met my expectations but far exceeded them. The sessions, the people, the food, and the venue continued to impress throughout the convention.

Some of the goals I had set for myself prior to arriving in Louisville included learning something new regarding reproduction every day (if not every session), networking with future colleagues, and getting in touch with future mentors, as well as catching up with some old ones. My final goal was to walk away with a greater appreciation of the AETA and to look forward to attending many conferences in the future.

It wasn’t hard to take something away from every session I attended, from the preconference seminar where I was able to take an in-depth look at small ruminant laparoscopic AI to the student session that provided a very well-rounded introduction to bovine embryo transfer to the sessions where successful practitioners discussed how to incorporate embryo transfer into any practice I might work at postgraduation.

The members of the AETA are one of a kind; having the opportunity to get to know them over the course of those three days and pick their brains for any and all knowledge and advice was worth the drive in itself. The overall willingness of members to get to know students and offer them the chance to learn more about reproduction is something you won’t find anywhere else.

As I look forward to the remaining years of my DVM program at Iowa State University, I’m excited about the opportunity to continue to expand my knowledge in an industry that strives to advance itself every year. I’m also eager to continue to develop relationships with people passionate about the reproductive industry, all based on the foundation I received from topics discussed and people I was able to meet at this year’s convention.

In closing, I would like to thank the AETA for putting on an amazing conference that any student would be lucky to attend. To my fellow scholarship recipients, I so enjoyed getting to know all of you and look forward to all the amazing things you’ll all accomplish in the coming years. The future of this organization is in great hands thanks to the great leaders and mentors who’ve helped shape the next generation and given them opportunities to be successful.

Madeline Moen

Iowa State University

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