AETA President’s Report – Winter 2021

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Published on: December 20, 2021

Paul Harvey is reported to have said, “In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.” Though the challenges may seem different than those in the past, there are challenges nonetheless. Heavy workload, supply chain problems, COVID fears, and labor shortages have left many of us wondering how we can take a breath. At the same time, industry consolidation creates a dark cloud of uncertainty about the future.

Some of the many things I love about the AETA and its members are the camaraderie and the willingness of members to lend a hand to each other, whether it be helping with a technical problem, lending supplies, or referring a client to another practitioner when the book gets full. It is that spirit of cooperation that is good for business in the long term, even if it subtracts from the bottom line in the short term.

I congratulate Dr. Matt Barton and Dr. Lee Jones on their election to the Board of Directors. I also wish to thank both of them and also Dr. Darren Statler and Dr. Alan Strecker for running for that position. One of my duties for 2022 will be to chair the Nominations Committee, which, as part of its charge, will identify potential candidates for the next Board of Directors. If you desire to be on the ballot or know of someone that would make a good board member, please reach out to me.

I also thank Dr. Matt Dorshorst upon his departure from the board for his time on the board and Executive Committee and also Dr. Jeremy VanBoening for his service to the AETA through the Board of Directors. The association is better because of both of them. I am looking forward to my role as past president with the new Executive Committee of Dr. Clay Breiner, president; Dr. Greg Schueller, vice president; and Dr. Daniela Demetrio, secretary-treasurer.

Still, we have work to do to maintain the standing of the AETA in the embryo transfer world here in the United States. To maintain the high standards the industry demands and deserves, we have to keep in mind our purpose:

  • To present a unified voice of the industry to promote the mutual interests and ideals of its members;
  • To protect the users of the embryo transfer industry to the extent technically and ethically possible;
  • To educate the public properly on the status and capability of the United States embryo transfer industry; and
  • To encourage others to engage in the pursuit of this industry.

To achieve our purpose, we need to keep before us the means to fulfil it, namely education and certification. In the coming year, we will continue to explore the prospect of recognizing practitioners only engaged in the transfer of embryos (and not collections) as a means to raise the bar for the industry. Although it will be a type of certification for the transfer of embryos into recipients, it is not likely to be called “certification” to avoid confusion with the comprehensive ET Certification program already in place within the association. We will engage the membership as this initiative progresses.

Dr. Greg Schueller is already at work with the Convention Committee in assembling an outstanding program for Louisville, 2022. Although the virtual conventions provided education and made us better practitioners, the friendships and person-to-person interaction were sorely missed. That will resume in 2022. The Education Committee is working on developing a speaker’s bureau to provide speakers to allied veterinary and industry groups wishing to learn more about the practice of embryo transfer. This will be a longer-term project, and I look forward to seeing it develop.

Finally, I need to thank the membership for allowing me the opportunity to steward this association during the past year. My only hope is that I left the association as good as it was before I joined the board. I am grateful for the many friends I have made during my tenure, and while my time on the board is coming to an end, those friendships are not.

Fight the good fight,


Dr. Bill Croushore – AETA President 2021

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