Letter from AETA Past President

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Published on: February 18, 2021

I have had the honor to work on your behalf for the last four years. This last year as your president has been a memorable one for me. I could not have managed the personal as well as professional challenges of 2020 without the support of the AETA board and our members. Thank you!

I made several observations while on the AETA board over the last year that were relevant as we dealt with the challenges of 2020. I suspect they are also important for success going forward. The AETA board functioned well because they listened patiently to a variety of ideas related to a problem or concept. As we made decisions, board members showed empathy and tolerance for the varied opinions expressed by their colleagues. The open-mindedness of the board to identify and adapt to challenges was impressive and made the virtual conference and other aspects of AETA business a success.

Although these characteristics served the 2020 board and the AETA well, I suspect they are important in all matters we face as individuals, businesses, families, and society. As we reflect on the year 2020, I hope we all consider the importance of listening with patience, showing empathy and tolerance, and adapting to change. Perhaps it will help make 2021 exactly what we are all hoping for.

Thank you again for the privilege to serve you.


Matthew Dorshorst, MS, DVM

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