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Published on: December 20, 2010

Welcome to our first digital newsletter! I hope it gets a Closer Look from all. There may be some glitches, but this is our distribution plan: Email to everyone for which we have an email address. A hardcopy can be mailed by contacting the AETA Headquarters office. A link to all newsletters will also be available on our website.

A special thanks to Sam Edwards for his patient leadership last year.  The 2010 Annual Meeting was apparently successful. I apologize to all of you that had transportation issues. I want to honor Jon Schmidt and the Trans Ova team for presenting at the last minute. Muchas  Gracias!!!  Check out pictures from the Concord meeting in this newsletter. Thanks to Glenn Engelland for the photos. In looking at the convention surveys, some were really excited with the bleeding edge of ET, and others lamented the lack of ET basics at the meeting. I really appreciate all the comments and I’ve forwarded all of the surveys to our 2011 program chair Glenn Engelland. I’m confident he’ll address those issues in San Antonio.

Glenn is putting together an exciting program. The 2011 joint AETA/CETA meeting will at the Marriot Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas August 28-30, 2011 . The 2011 Convention Theme is Back to Basics. George Seidel has agreed to discuss fundamentals of cryobiology and cryopreservation of bovine embryos. We are planning to offer the small ruminant wet lab again as a pre-conference forum. Stay tuned for more exciting previews!

The Convention/Program Committee has some new members. Charles Looney has agreed to co-chair this committee (with AETA Vice President). Thank you Charles! Thanks to John Hasler and Brad Stroud for continuing to serve on this committee. Dr. Pandora Davis has volunteered to serve as well. Thank you Pandora for jumping in! Randall Hinshaw volunteered to chair the membership committee. He has some exciting ideas for our organization’s growth and future. David Duxbury has accepted Chair of the Government Liaison Committee. Thanks to Byron Williams, Scott Armbrust, Steve Malin, Dan Hornickel, Brad Lindsey and Mike Wehrman for continuing to chair committees.

Allen Rushmer and the Education Committee have been very busy.  They are proud to announce that the ET201 sessions presented at the 2010 meeting by Bill Beal and Brad Stroud are available for member viewing and reviewing on the AETA Website. They also have plans to revamp our website very soon, but first they want to create a new logo for the American Embryo Transfer Association. Actually they want YOU to create the new logo. They will launch a logo contest after the first of the year with prizes for the top three entries. Members will pick the winning entry with an online vote later in 2011.

The exhibit committee is taking on a larger mission as we try to consolidate the benefits we offer our advertisers, sponsors and exhibitors. You will notice the sponsor and exhibitor link within this newsletter. When you click on any of these logos you will be directed to that contributor’s website, etc. This adventure is a work in progress and this is a small first step toward that mission. Thanks to everyone on this committee for their ongoing work.

Hopefully you’ve noticed my subtle praise of all the work from our committees! In my opinion the committees are the backbone of our organization. Many committee members serve for a long time, providing continuity to our organization as we grow. Committees do most of the work for AETA. It can be a thankless job. But not today! I encourage all of you to take a moment and look through the committees on our website. Please note who’s on these committees and the missions of each committee.  Please consider where you might be able to help and VOLUNTEER!  

There’s one more item for your consideration. Steve Malin (Certification Committee) suggested that the board establish some entity within the AETA to oversee certification compliance.  We all agree to inspection and review when we become certified, but rarely have any of us been “reviewed” by the AETA. The Board hopes to consider and deliver on this request at our Winter Meeting in February.  If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns please email me, the board, or Dr. Malin.

Finally, I want to mention a notice that many of my dairy clients received from Agri-Mark regarding Flunixamine use in dairy cattle. Flunixamine is the second highest reported violation at slaughter for dairy animals. According to Agri-Mark the FDA is implementing aggressive follow up for any animal rejected due to this drug. This drug is approved for use in Dairy Cattle by intravenous use only and includes a 36 hour milk withdrawal and a 4 day meat withdrawal. IM and Subcutaneous use causes significant injection site necrosis which is easily found at slaughter. Although not an approved method of administration, FARAD suggests 150 day withdrawal on meat if given IM or Sub-Q. If you are using this product in your ET Practice, please use it appropriately.

My wish for all of us is a healthy and prosperous New Year!


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