AETA President’s Report – Fall 2020

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Published on: November 2, 2020


Our 2020 AETA CETA/ACTE conference was unconventional, but despite the challenges of delivering the conference virtually, it was a success. We had a total of 423 participants from 45 states and provinces as well as 16 foreign countries who registered for and participated in the virtual conference. Thank you to everyone who gave this a chance.

This endeavor would not have been possible without the logistical support of FASS. I would especially like to thank Morgan Montgomery, the AETA executive assistant. Also, thank you to Kevin Wolter with information technology, who helped us create the platform for content delivery and managed it during the conference.

As the AETA board began to wrap our minds around the dilemma that was COVID-19 as it pertains to the conference, one thing became very clear to me; we were going to be tested in uncharted waters. I feel fortunate that we had a strong group of board members who were devoted to the success of the 2020 conference. I especially thank Dr. Bill Croushore for the outstanding work that he and his committee did. The depth and breadth of the conference was excellent, and although the delivery of the content on a virtual platform presented challenges, it came through in extraordinary fashion.

After we concluded the virtual conference, it was a pleasure for me to present the Edwin Robertson Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Chris Keim and Dr. Dan Hornickel. They are certainly deserving of this honor, given the many contributions they have made to our profession. They say that they “care for the cows everyone cares about.” They have also cared for and guided the profession we all care about so deeply.

I also had the privilege to present Dr. Scott Armbrust with the 2020 President’s Award. He has been a vital part of developing, maintaining, and enhancing foreign markets for the AETA and our producers. He has also served the AETA on the Cooperator Committee as well as having served as an AETA president. It was an honor for me to present him with this very well-deserved award on behalf of AETA.

Unfortunately, there was one aspect of our annual conference that we had no way to replicate virtually. We all missed the opportunity to see friends and enjoy each other’s fellowship. For that reason and others, I suspect we will all relish the chance to get together in beautiful Vancouver to see one another next fall.

Sincerely, Matthew Dorshorst, MS, DVM

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