Winter is Coming!

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Published on: November 2, 2020

Summer has been a HOT ONE in most places this year. Beware; Mother Nature has a way of balancing things out. The weather forecasters predict a cold winter in the northern United States, and a mild one in the southern United States. These are the same people that only predict a hurricane’s path with any accuracy within 24 hours. Go figure!

You find yourself driving down a snowy road. The wind is howling, and the snow is sideways. The temperature seems to drop every minute. Finally, you reach your destination an hour late. Clients will be coming soon for a long day of aspirations. As you unload all your equipment, set up the lab, you realize that you forgot to turn on your incubator. When you do turn it on, it says negative 10 degrees Celsius.

Aspirations are supposed to start in the next few minutes. What do you do?

The first thing I do is pull out my $15 portable hair blow dryer. Then I style my curly locks perfectly, because I always want to look my best for my clients. My friend and classmate, John Heizer, taught me this. Appearances are everything. John likes to volunteer a lot of hair styling tips. It’s his specialty. Also, you should know he hasn’t had a single hair on his head since we graduated in 1985. Go figure!

After my styling session, I then use the blow dryer to rapidly warm the incubator. The convection effect of the blow dryer will bring any cold incubator up to temperature in a matter of minutes. After warming your incubator, you can use it to drive the condensation off your cold microscope or your ultrasound, and even warm your boots. Ready to go in minutes for a day of client-pleasing aspirations.

Go figure!! Gary R. Hash, DVM

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