AETA President’s Report – Summer 2020

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Published on: August 13, 2020


I suspect that as you read this newsletter you may have some of the same feelings that I have. I am finding that the summer is flying by and I am not sure where June and July went. Many of us spend a great deal of time looking out our windshield as we move down the road every day. My thoughts have been that these are interesting times that we live in.

Many of you have reached out to the AETA board, and I appreciate that. We have taken your thoughts and concerns and tried to create lemonade from lemons this year. Soon, information regarding registration for this year’s joint virtual conference will be on the AETA website with details about the schedule and content. Our intention is to deliver meaningful continuing education opportunities as well as satisfy the certification requirement with flexibility at a reasonable cost. 

We will have sessions available for downloading at your convenience as well as three sessions that will be offered live, including chat interaction with the speaker. These three live sessions will be recorded for viewing at your convenience as well. There will also be a virtual business meeting that will include the election of board members. I encourage you all to try to make the business meeting a priority for attendance.  

The registration fees for the virtual conference reflect the board’s efforts to control cost and pass that value on to the membership and sponsors. These are uncertain times and we do not want the cost of the meeting to be a barrier if possible. The AETA board is also mindful of the fact that this could be an opportunity to reach new members on a different platform. With that in mind, we will offer the option to apply the registration fee for the 2020 virtual conference to an equivalent discount for 2021 AETA membership if you desire. Please share the word with anyone who might be interested.

The last aspect of the revised convention proceedings I want to discuss is a change in certification requirements. The board has changed the requirements for conference attendance to 3 out of 5 years, which was previously 2 out of 3 years. This recommendation from the certification committee is meant to reflect the logistics related to this year’s virtual convention as well as the convention in Canada next year. We are also waiving the newly established “in-person” recertification that was to be introduced this year and was meant to replace the on-site random recertification inspections. 

This year’s virtual proceedings are an opportunity to try something new and see what happens. I look forward to your participation.

Thank you,

Matthew Dorshorst, MS DVM

AETA President

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