2019 AETA Scholarship Winner Report: Nicholas Shen

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Published on: January 3, 2020

My objectives for the 2019 AETA Conference in Colorado Springs were to attend the student training sessions, attend seminars on conventional and IVF embryo transfer, learn about new approaches for synchronization to optimize recipient management, and learn about genomic impacts in embryo transfer. Not only did I gain knowledge in advanced reproductive techniques but I also enjoyed meeting many veterinarians, postdoctorates, veterinary student peers, and industry professionals. Additionally, attending the conference enlightened me on the industry’s current benchmarks for successful embryo collection and transfer. The ET 101 training course filled the gaps in my understanding of the basics of follicular dynamics, scheduling donors and recipients, different collection techniques, grading/staging embryos, and processing embryos. This knowledge was put to use immediately after the conference, as I assisted with OPU procedures for the first time on a clinical year rotation. Having attended the conference beforehand, this greatly enhanced my understanding of the post-collection process leading to IVF. Overall, the great opportunity to attend this year’s conference has propelled me one step closer to a goal of being able to soon contribute as a practicing veterinarian in a predominantly beef cattle practice by learning specialty services such as embryo transfer, allowing a rural cattle practice to further serve clients and sustain itself despite having seasonal work.

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