2019 AETA Scholarship Winner Report: Hilary Seals

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Published on: January 3, 2020

The AETA convention scholarship offered me, as a veterinary student, an amazing opportunity to learn about embryo transfer and meet hundreds of practitioners working in the field. By attending the convention, I hoped to gain a deeper knowledge of the embryo transfer industry and learn from new mentors. Throughout the convention, I was encouraged to find that practitioners are excited about new graduates. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting veterinarians from around the world and learning from their experiences.

I thought the AETA convention did a good job of engaging students through the student-focused sessions. Students were given the opportunity to thaw, grade, and load embryos into straws, which was a valuable experience. The scientific sessions at the convention were a good mixture of cutting-edge research and practical practice tips. I particularly learned a lot from the session about genomic data and recipient selection. As a student, I also valued the wisdom that was shared in the practitioner forum.

Going forward, I will take the knowledge I learned at the AETA convention to advance my passion for embryo transfer. I learned valuable information on embryo transfer and IVF that will assist me when I start my career as a veterinarian. Most importantly, I am thankful to have gained new mentors through the AETA convention and will utilize those relationships as I begin working in the embryo transfer field. Through conversations with practitioners at the AETA convention, I was able to coordinate an embryo transfer externship that will give me valuable hands-on experience.

The student scholarship to the AETA convention has made a big impact on my career. I believe that AETA does a great job engaging students and giving them the tools to start a career in embryo transfer. I am very thankful to have been afforded the opportunity to attend the AETA convention and look forward to attending many more AETA meetings in the years to come.

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