2019 AETA Scholarship Winner Report: Mariah Markle

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Published on: January 3, 2020

My objectives for attending the AETA annual meeting were to expand my clinical-based knowledge in the field of embryo transfer, to network with peers and mentors, and to increase my exposure to vendors and products I will potentially be using in my future career. I believe that I accomplished all of the goals I set for myself to achieve during my attendance at the AETA annual meeting. By attending the many informative and didactic presentations at the meeting, I gained insight into new techniques and ideas that I had not previously been exposed to. There were many opportunities for students at the meeting to learn new things, such as the ET 101 and student sessions. I was able to meet many future colleagues during our meals and many of my peers during our student sessions and the student/mentor lunch. The vendor exhibits provided the opportunity to network with reps and learn about ultrasound machines, in vitro culture media, embryo transfer supplies, and many more products that will be useful to me throughout my career. All of the knowledge that I gained from attending this meeting will be invaluable in my future career as an equine veterinarian interested in in vitro production of embryos and embryo transfer. During the remaining portion of my academic career, this experience will benefit me throughout my clinical rotations and allow me to pass on the information I have obtained to my peers. I am grateful to the AETA for the opportunity to attend this meeting and gain valuable insights into the field of embryo transfer. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the AETA annual meeting at the beautiful venue in Colorado Springs and look forward to my membership and involvement in this great organization for many years to come!

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