2019 AETA Scholarship Winner Report: Josh Brown

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Published on: January 3, 2020

My goals for attending the AETA conference were to learn more about the industry, further my knowledge of embryo transfer, and make connections in the field for the future.

From the pre-conference seminars to the very last lecture, I was expanding my knowledge on embryo transfer. The preconference session, ET101, was one of the highlights of the conference for me. The lecture filled in gaps of knowledge I had on syncing donors, drug dosages, and grading embryos. It was also beneficial to hear that beef and dairy have slightly different protocols. The student/technician sessions were also helpful, and it was exciting to practice grading embryos, thawing and freezing them. The student and mentor lunch was valuable, in that we got to hear advice from practitioners and the benefits of the varying practice types.

The knowledge I gained from the conference will be applicable to me in both industry and academic work. Understanding the reproductive physiology will benefit me in school as we continue our palpation labs, and comprehending the structures I am palpating and associating them with the stage of the cycle they are in. During fourth year I will be able to apply the knowledge I learned from this conference to my externships and rotations. I will be able to apply the material I learned from the conference right away in my career as a veterinarian. Not only will the material be beneficial in embryo transfer but in the cattle industry as a whole. Genetics is the foundation to a great herd, and embryo transfer can establish that and allow it to grow. From selecting donors to understanding synchronizations, this conference covered multiple topics I wanted to learn about and more. I would strongly recommend it to any student or veterinarian who is interested in embryo transfer, and I would like to thank the AETA scholarship committee for this award.

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