2019 AETA Candidates for the Board of Directors

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Published on: October 11, 2019
Larry Lanzon, DVM

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Larry Lanzon graduated from Michigan State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1980. He has spent 39 years in private practice, the last 3 years with Embryo Inc. Lanzon joined the AETA in 1982 and was privileged to have Edwin Robertson, Bob Rowe, Reuben Mapletoft, and Joe Wright as his mentors when getting started in assisted reproductive technology. Lanzon earned a masters of preventative veterinary medicine in epidemiology in 2013 from UC Davis.

Lanzon and his wife Cathy raised three children—Jesse, Casey, and Caitlin—together in Turlock, which is absolutely his proudest accomplishment. Presently, there are three grandsons—Casey, Cody, and Charlie—in the Lanzon clan.

Through the years, Lanzon spent his time with the Boy Scouts of America; attending swim meets, water polo games, and gymnastic meets; raising Red Angus cattle; and fly-fishing with his children.

In practice, Lanzon enjoyed the diversity of dairy practice, working with and teaching students from all over the world. However, he quickly developed an interest in assisted reproductive technology and has continued to learn, teach, and enjoy embryo transfer and IVF. He respectfully thanks all those who helped him along the way.

Brad Lindsey, PhD

In 1984, Brad Lindsey helped start and manage the former Granada Corporation’s equine services division. In 1988, he transferred to their bovine embryo transfer division and managed their main production lab and was involved in commercializing IVF services. In 1992, he was hired by Trans Ova Genetics in Sioux Center, Iowa, to start their IVF service division. In 1994, Lindsey began his PhD with Jim Kinder at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. His research focus was endocrine regulation of reproductive hormones in beef cattle. In 1997, he went to Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, to pursue postdoctoral research at the former Tropical Beef Centre with Michael D’Occhio.

In 1998, he was hired as general manager of Stroud Veterinary Embryo Services in Weatherford, Texas, under the direction of Brad Stroud. Between 2000 and 2005, Lindsey worked for AB Technology (now ABT360), Minitube of America, and Genetic Resources Int’l (now Sexing Technologies) in various technical roles, directing research and product development and developing an IVF lab service platform. In 2005, he started Rex Consulting, providing ET services and technical support to cattle producers, biotech companies, and other ET firms, and in 2008 incorporated as Ovitra Biotechnology Inc. Ovitra continues to provides commercial and contract ET services, technical support, consulting, and training to beef and dairy producers, research universities, and other ET firms.

Dr. Lindsey is currently an active member, serving on several committees within AETA (Certification and Research), IETS (HASAC, Manuals and Forms), and the Texas Southwest Cattle Raisers Association (Research and Education). He and his wife, Mary, live in Midway, Texas, and are active in their church and community. They have two grown children, Grace Richardson and Payton Lindsey.

Greg Schueller, DVM

Greg Schueller grew up on a dairy farm in southwest Wisconsin, where he developed his interest in and passion for dairy cattle and veterinary medicine. He received his DVM from the University of Wisconsin in 1991.

Upon graduation, he joined a mixed-animal practice in southwest Wisconsin, where he focused on dairy reproduction and herd health from 1991 to 2009. He added embryo transfer services to the practice in 1998 and joined the AETA at that time. In 2006, he became AETA certified and continued to grow the ET side of the practice until he joined Sunshine Genetics, an embryo transfer exclusive practice, in 2009. Currently, he is an owner of Sunshine Genetics with his business partner Aaron Prososki.

His wife Marcia is a speech therapist in the Fort Atkinson school district. They have three wonderful daughters, Brianna (20), Kailyn (18), and Melia (15). In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife and family and is beginning to look forward to the next phase of life as his children are reaching adulthood and gaining independence.

Cary Schroeder, DVM

Cary Schroeder is co-owner of Lena Veterinary Clinic, an L0 doctor mixed-animal practice in Lena, lllinois. Schroeder received his BS in animal science in 1980 and DVM degree in 1984 from lowa State University. He has been a member of AETA since 2000 and certified in embryo transfer since 2003. He is currently serving on the AETA audit committee.

He and his wife Sarah, their children John (Abby), Christin (Dana Keefer), and Casey (Brianna), and their six grandchildren all live in or near Lena, lllinois. They enjoy spending time with their family, boating, traveling, hunting, and golfing.

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