Reminder: Proposed By-Laws Changes to be Voted on at AETA Annual Business Meeting–October 25, 2019

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Published on: October 11, 2019

Dear AETA members:

The purpose of AETA is to unite those organizations and individuals in the United States engaged in the embryo transfer industry into an affiliated federation operating under self- imposed standards of performance and conduct. As AETA delivers on education and standards of quality through its certification program, we become the “voice” for our diverse membership.

Based on recommendations from the membership, the board has proposed the following modifications to the By-Laws relating to membership categories. The reasons for the changes are several. These changes will make official some membership categories that have been previously offered but not officially recognized in the By-Laws, such as Life Membership. It will also make official reduced membership fees to former student members for one year following graduation. The proposed changes will also move the Association in the direction of a professional association and away from a trade association. We feel this is important to continue to foster relationships with other professional veterinary and animal science organizations such as AABP, AASRP, and IETS. This transition will allow the Association to continue to fulfill its primary purpose of education and promoting a high standard of quality through certification. Finally, it will reduce some redundancy in the membership categories by combining Regular and Associate Membership into only Associate Membership.

• Professional: An individual who is actively engaged in the embryo transfer industry who is a licensed veterinarian in the US or holds a PhD in reproductive physiology from a US institution. Other equivalent degrees as approved by the Board of Directors. Professional Members are eligible to vote, serve on committees, and hold an office in the Association.

• Associate: Organizations or individuals engaged in a business or occupation related to the embryo transfer industry that do not meet the requirements for Professional, Emeritus, Life, or Student Memberships. These Associate Members may not vote but will otherwise be entitled to full privileges of membership and can attend meetings, serve on committees, and receive newsletters.

• Life: Board of Directors can confer, at its discretion, honorary Life Membership to a practitioner for exemplary service. Life Members may enjoy the rights of their previous Professional Membership status.

• Emeritus: Individuals who have been Professional Members of the Association for a period of at least 10 years and who deem themselves as retired from activities associated with Professional Membership. Emeritus Members may enjoy the rights of their previous Professional Membership status. Emeritus Membership is granted by an application, in writing, to the Board of Directors, who have the sole right to invoke or revoke the Emeritus status to a Professional Member.

• Student: Individuals enrolled in an academic program at the graduate level and pursuing either a veterinary degree or PhD in reproductive physiology. Academic status must be verified annually by an academic advisor or a Professional Member. Student Members are not eligible to vote or hold office in the Association. Following graduation, former Student Members are eligible to become Professional Members at half of the cost of the Professional Membership for one year only.

This change in membership classification simplifies our current method and makes it easily distinguishable with less redundancy.

This is to inform you of a By-Laws change that will be proposed at the 2019 annual convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 24-26, 2019. We hope you understand and can identify with this proposal. Please reach out to board members with questions you may have.

AETA Board of Directors


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