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Published on: April 17, 2019

Significant heparin effect on bovine embryo development during sexed in vitro fertilization

Consequences of bovine oocyte maturation, fertilization or early embryo development in vitro versus in vivo: Implications for blastocyst yield and blastocyst quality

Sex control by Zfy siRNA in the dairy cattle

Daily administration of a GnRH analogue enhances sperm quality in bucks during the non-breeding season

Maternal age influences the number of primordial follicles in the ovaries of yearling Angus heifers

Role of cAMP modulator supplementations during oocyte in vitro maturation in domestic animals

Factors in cattle affecting embryo transfer pregnancies in recipient animals

Comparison of luteolysis and timed artificial insemination pregnancy rates after administration of PGF2α in the muscle or the ischiorectal fossa in cattle

Large-scale transcriptional analysis of bovine embryo biopsies in relation to pregnancy success after transfer to recipients

Effects of supplementation of medium with different antioxidants during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes on subsequent embryo production

Influence of bovine serum albumin and fetal bovine serum supplementation during in vitro maturation on lipid and mitochondrial behaviour in oocytes and lipid accumulation in bovine embryos

50 Survival of sexed ivf-derived bovine embryos frozen at different preimplementation stages of development

141 Bovine embryo development rats are affected when oocytes are matured in different vials containing hepes/bicarbonate buffered medium

The ischiorectal fossa: an alternative route for the administration of prostaglandin in cattle

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