AETA 2018 Scholarship Winner Report: Travis Roberts

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Published on: December 27, 2018

I learned and took away the following from the 2018 AETA convention. First, it was a pleasure and I really enjoyed this opportunity that AETA gave me. I met a lot of people who were willing to share their story and how they got started with embryo transfer (ET) work. Hearing all these stories has given me a better idea of how I can start to incorporate and change my plans to start adding ET services at the clinic I am working at. The student/technician sessions were very helpful in the point that they went over the basics and reminded me of steps and precautions that I need to take before transferring embryos and flushing. I also got to meet several vendors and set up accounts to start purchasing supplies to get started. I spent some time visiting with ultrasound representatives and got information and hopefully will set up sometimes for demonstrations, so my clinic can purchase a mobile unit.

The plans at my current clinic are to start transferring frozen embryos for clients. After we get started with this and have our new large animal facility built, I would like to start flushing and transferring fresh embryos and performing OPU’s to send to Trans Ova for the in vitro fertilization work. However, I do plan on going out on my own and purchasing a mixed animal practice with my wife at some point. When we do this, I will be able to switch gears and solely practice large animal medicine. I do not know if I will ever solely do ET work, but I would like to offer the service to my clients. I am also considering taking the certification in a few years, if I get enough business.

Once again thank you for this great opportunity and I look forward to future conventions.

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