AETA 2018 Scholarship Winner Report: Ben Eilerts

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Published on: December 27, 2018

I would like to begin by thanking the AETA, the members, and especially the scholarship committee for granting me the scholarship and financial support to attend the 2018 CETA/ACTE and AETA joint convention in Montreal, Canada, and providing me the opportunity to network and socialize with the men and women that have made this industry what it is today. This truly was an amazing opportunity and experience for me now as a student and in my future as a veterinarian. My intent was to leave the CETA/ACTE and AETA joint convention with a more comprehensive knowledge base on the research and practical application of assisted reproductive technologies in cattle and to get an idea on where the industry is headed and the steps that are being taken to advance the industry.

The preconference seminar that John Hasler and Reuben Mapletoft gave was a very interesting and informative talk to begin the conference because it showed all the research that backed up why the protocols and operating procedures of embryo transfer (ET) are set up the way they are. When learning about advanced reproductive technologies in school and in private practice, I got an idea of what goes into ET, so listening to all the studies and data behind everything put things into perspective and gave me a good knowledge base on setting up for success as I get ready to become a veterinarian and go into the field working with advanced reproductive technologies.

Another part of the convention I really enjoyed was the student luncheon where we got to talk with AETA members from different parts of the country. It gave students a chance to talk with and learn from knowledgeable practitioners in the field and what to expect when becoming a part of the ET and IVF industry. It was really beneficial to learn about the industry when they started as practitioners and where they believe it is headed in the future as we get ready to join the industry.

There were a lot of really interesting presentations and research presented at this year’s joint convention. I gained way more knowledge than I expected and got a real appreciation of all the hard work men and women of the industry do to advance the industry and research new technologies. I enjoyed getting to socialize and network with AETA members and to learn from them and their experiences. It is my hope to take the knowledge gained from this year’s convention and to expand on it throughout my potential career in the industry. I would strongly recommend that any students who are thinking about attending the conference in the future do so because it is a tremendous experience and a great opportunity that you will not regret. Thank you again to everyone who not only made my trip possible, but also made it an invaluable experience.

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