2018 AETA Statistics Committee Report

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Published on: December 27, 2018

Survey data is only as good as the quality and integrity of the data submitted by people. Thank you for taking the time to submit your data.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year’s meeting due to the birth of our precious Alice in the end of May. If you have any questions and/or suggestions for next year’s survey please contact me at any time. Special thanks to Michael Wehrman for his guidance.

Daniela Demetrio, DVM, MS – ddembryos@gmail.com


The submitted data from 238 embryo practitioners, 138 ETBs (Embryo Transfer Businesses), 119 AETA certified, is summarized below. This year, non-AETA members were allowed to submit data. Part of the increase in the numbers from last year is a consequence of that.

  • Embryo transfer work is the main business of 68 ETBs (considered >80% ET work);
  • 137 ETBs transferred embryos (20 only in vivo, 5 only in vitro, and 112 both);
  • 126 ETBs flushed cows;
  • 32 ETBs performed OPUs;
  • 13 IVF laboratories reported data (fertilized oocytes and cultured the embryos in vitro);
  • 16 ETBs produced other species embryos;

Table 3 (below) is broken up into 3 parts for easier viewing: Dairy, Beef, and Total

The data for this table was divided in 2 categories: companies that predominantly use FSH for OPU cows (WITH FSH) or don’t (WITHOUT FSH).

Viable embryos – Day 6 embryos sent by the lab to a practitioner (not necessarily will be transferred or frozen on day 7) and/or Day 7
embryos transferred fresh, frozen or discarded.

The 3 highest numbers per State in each category are highlighted.

Embryo Transfer, Flush and OPU total numbers were calculated based on the % of work per State informed by the ETBs. For the next year’s survey we can divide in Dairy and Beef if the ETBs inform the percentages separated by category.

The 3 highest numbers per State in each category are highlighted.

The embryos exported to Russia are included in Europe (102 Dairy and 5 Beef – in vivo). The European Union combines: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and United Kingdom. It was not possible to divide by country since a few members didn’t report which country of the EU the embryos were sent to.

The highest number in each category is highlighted.

Porcine fresh transfers was total number of recipients transferred to. These were Day 1 oocytes, number in the hundreds for each transfer.
In vitro embryo production in small ruminants was reported by one ETB:
Caprine – 201 oocytes, 61 viable embryos (30%), 61 frozen embryos and
Ovine – 195 oocytes, 66 viable embryos (33%), 11 frozen embryos, 55 fresh embryos.
There is the need to contact other species associations to gather more data.

Four ETBs reported to have manipulated 279 in vivo embryos (56 biopsied for sexing, 19 biopsied for genomics, and 204 bisected).


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