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Published on: July 6, 2018

In vitro sperm quality and DNA integrity of SexedULTRA sex-sorted sperm compared to non-sorted bovine sperm


Angiocoupling between the dominant follicle and corpus luteum during waves 1 and 2 in Bos taurus heifers


Improved uterine immune mediators in Holstein cows supplemented with rumen-protected methionine and discovery of neutrophil extracellular traps (NET)


Hormonal strategy to reduce suckled beef cow handling for timed artificial insemination with sex-sorted semen


Differential release of cell-signaling metabolites by male and female bovine embryos cultured in vitro


Synchronization treatments previous to natural breeding anticipate and improve the pregnancy rate of postpartum primiparous beef cows


Heat-shock-induced cathepsin B activity during IVF and culture compromises the developmental competence of bovine embryos


Associations between dairy cow inter-service interval and probability of conception


μ-Calpain (CAPN1), calpastatin (CAST), and growth hormone receptor (GHR) genetic effects on Angus beef heifer performance traits and reproduction


Assessment of the temperature cut-off point by a commercial intravaginal device to predict parturition in Piedmontese beef cows


Variations in bovine embryo production between individual donors for OPU-IVF are closely related to glutathione concentrations in oocytes during in vitro maturation


Eventual re-vitrification or storage in liquid nitrogen vapor does not jeopardize the practical handling and transport of vitrified pig embryos


Cryopreservation and in vitro culture of white-tailed deer ovarian tissue


Preparation, characterization and application of long-acting FSH analogs for assisted reproduction


Aromatase inhibitors: A new approach for controlling ovarian function in cattle


Pursuit of a method for single administration of pFSH for superstimulation in cattle: What we have learned


Progesterone-releasing devices for cattle estrus induction and synchronization: Device optimization to anticipate shorter treatment durations and new device developments


Potential of connected devices to optimize cattle reproduction


Vaginal temperature measurement by a wireless sensor for predicting the onset of calving in Japanese Black cows


Effect of different chorionic gonadotropins on final growth of the dominant follicle in Bos indicus cows


Effect of different shipping temperatures (∼22 °C vs. ∼7 °C) and holding media on blastocyst development after overnight holding of immature equine cumulus-oocyte complexes


A recovery time after warming restores mitochondrial function and improves developmental competence of vitrified ovine oocytes


Additional small dose of prostaglandin F at timed artificial insemination failed to improve pregnancy risk of lactating dairy cows


The relationship between external auditory canal temperature and onset of estrus and ovulation in beef heifers


Follicular response and oocyte production following variations in ovarian stimulation in goats


Inhibition of apoptosis by caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK improves cryotolerance of in vitro derived bovine embryos


Promoter variants of OAS1 gene are associated with reproductive performance and incidence of normal calving in cattle


The ability to predict pregnancy loss in cattle with ELISAs that detect pregnancy associated glycoproteins is antibody dependent

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