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Published on: September 26, 2017

Birth of healthy calves after intra-follicular transfer (IFOT) of slaughterhouse derived immature bovine oocytes

Effects of oocytes exposure to bovine diarrhea viruses BVDV-1, BVDV-2 and Hobi-like virus on in vitro-produced bovine embryo development and viral infection

Relationship between in vitro growth of bovine oocytes and steroidogenesis of granulosa cells cultured in medium supplemented with bone morphogenetic protein-4 and follicle stimulating hormone

Equine chorionic gonadotropin increases fertility of grazing dairy cows that receive fixed-time artificial insemination in the early but not later postpartum period

Effective use of SexedULTRA™ sex-sorted semen for timed artificial insemination of beef heifers

Genetic component of sensitivity to heat stress for nonreturn rate of Brazilian Holstein cattle

Leptin supplementation in vitro improved developmental competence of buffalo oocytes and embryos

2-Methoxystypandrone improves in vitro-produced bovine embryo quality through inhibition of IKBKB

Split-time artificial insemination in beef cattle: III. Comparing fixed-time artificial insemination to split-time artificial insemination with delayed administration of GnRH in postpartum cows

Temporal effect of maternal heat stress during gestation on the fertility and anti-Müllerian hormone concentration of offspring in bovine

Maternal and non-maternal factors associated with late embryonic and early fetal losses in dairy cows

Blood flow and echotextural differences between the future dominant and subordinate follicles before the beginning of diameter deviation in heifers

Comparison of estrus synchronization by controlled internal drug release device (CIDR) and adhesive transdermal progestin patch in postpartum beef cows

Relationship among circulating anti-Müllerian hormone, insulin like growth factor 1, cadmium and superovulatory response in dairy cows

Follicular waves and hormonal profiles during the estrous cycle of carriers and non-carriers of the Trio allele, a major bovine gene for high ovulation and fecundity

Relationships between uterine health and metabolism in dairy cows with different dry period lengths

Insulin during in vitro oocyte maturation has an impact on development, mitochondria, and cytoskeleton in bovine day 8 blastocysts

Ovulation rate, antral follicle count, and circulating anti-Müllerian hormone in Trio allele carriers, a novel high fecundity bovine genotype

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