Hurricane Harvey Relief

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Published on: September 26, 2017

AETA Members,

As many of you know, Hurricane Harvey has caused extensive, disastrous damage and flooding in Texas and on the Gulf Coast. Thousands have lost their homes and businesses, and their lives have been forever changed. Included in those affected are farmers and ranchers.

Below are some organizations accepting aid and donations to help the farmers, ranchers, and livestock that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

State of Texas Agriculture Relief Fund

The STAR Fund (State of Texas Agriculture Relief Fund) was created solely with monetary donations from private individuals and companies. STAR Fund money may be used to assist farmers and ranchers in rebuilding fences, restoring operations and paying for other agricultural disaster relief. If you’d like to help folks impacted by the wildfire, floods or tornadoes, consider making a donation to the State of Texas Agriculture Relief, or STAR Fund. 

Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team

The Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) plays a critical role in ensuring that animals impacted by disaster have a second chance at life. Fully equipped to provide veterinary care from triage and treatment of injured animals to working with community animal shelter partners, the VET provides animals and their owners the hope for a happy ending.

Texas Farm Bureau

Hurricane Harvey has put Texas agriculture at risk. The storm arrived Friday night, Aug. 25, holding nothing back, and devastated a large portion of the Lone Star State. Homes, barns and crops were no match for the high-powered winds, and catastrophic rainfall that flooded the region. Our farm and ranch families are hurting. But one thing is for sure—Texans help Texans.

Texas Animal Health Commission

TAHC and USDA plan, collaborate, and coordinate with the states’ animal health-related agencies, agriculture industries, and other related agencies and parties. TAHC and USDA work to prevent and respond to foreign animal disease outbreaks, dangerous parasite or pest infestations, and bioterrorism. The agencies are ready to assist in response and recovery during natural or man-made catastrophes, including fires, floods, and hurricanes, in accordance with the FEMA Emergency Response Plan and/or the State of Texas Emergency plan in the following areas: Animal ownership identification, livestock restraint/capture, carcass disposal, coordinating livestock evacuation, consulting on animal health and public health concerns, and chemical/biological terrorism issues.

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Relief Fund

TSCRA has established the Cattle Raisers Relief Fund to support relief efforts for ranch families affected by disasters like Hurricane Harvey and inevitable future natural disasters. The Cattle Raisers Relief Fund (CRRF) is administered by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. 

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Texas Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is a collaborative educational network dedicated to educating citizens about disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Texas EDEN is a part of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and is affiliated with National Extension Disaster Education Network.

For a broader list of relief organizations, please visit: Where to Donate to Harvey Victims (and How to Avoid Scams)

To quickly donate to the American Red Cross, you can text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 (the donation is automatically applied to your phone bill).

Thank you,


“Yet the core of our association is anchored with our members… their integrity, their sound judgment, their joy, camaraderie, and commitment to each other.” AETA Vision Statement

Disclaimer: This document was created exclusively for information dissemination. AETA does not endorse any organization listed in this document. Organization descriptions are their own.

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