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Published on: March 21, 2017

Calving distributions of individual bulls in multiple-sire pastures

The effect of Presynch-Ovsynch protocol with or without estrus detection on reproductive performance by parity, and the long-term effect of these different management strategies on milk production, reproduction, health and survivability of dairy cows

Bacterial invasion of the uterus and oviducts in bovine pyometra

Transcriptomic evaluation of bovine blastocysts obtained from peri-pubertal oocyte donors

Embryo production in heifers with low or high dry matter intake submitted to superovulation

Early postpartum administration of equine chorionic gonadotropin to dairy cows calved during the hot season: Effects on fertility after first artificial insemination

Evaluation of the 14-d CIDR-PG and 9-d CIDR-PG protocols for synchronization of estrus in Bos indicus-influenced and Bos taurus beef heifers

Fertility of lactating dairy cows treated with gonadotropin-releasing hormone at AI, 5 days after AI, or both, during summer heat stress

Correlation between phenotype, genotype and antral follicle population in beef heifers

Impact of phase of the estrous cycle and season on LH surge profile and fertility in dairy cows treated with different GnRH analogs (gonadorelin vs. buserelin)

Causes of declining fertility in dairy cows during the warm season

Progesterone supplementation in the early luteal phase after artificial insemination improves conception rates in high-producing dairy cows

Biopsy of bovine embryos produced in vivo and in vitro does not affect pregnancy rates

Transuterine embryo migration, distribution of sexes within uterine horns, and fetometry in Nellore (Bos indicus) cattle

Beef donor cows with high number of retrieved COC produce more in vitro embryos compared with cows with low number of COC after repeated ovum pick-up sessions

Use of FSH in two different regimens for ovarian superstimulation prior to ovum pick up and in vitro embryo production in Holstein cows

Expression and localization of ARTEMIN in the bovine uterus and embryos

Influence of post-insemination nutrition on embryonic development in beef heifers

Comparison between allantochorion membrane and amniotic sac detection by per rectal palpation for pregnancy diagnosis on pregnancy loss, calving rates, and abnormalities in newborn calves

Assessment of the effect of adding L-carnitine and/or resveratrol to maturation medium before vitrification on in vitro-matured calf oocytes

Comparison of fertility following use of one versus two intravaginal progesterone inserts in dairy cows without a CL during a synchronization protocol before timed AI or timed embryo transfer

Proposal of a new model for CL regression or maintenance during pregnancy on the basis of timing of regression of contralateral, accessory CL in pregnant cows

Effectiveness of intrauterine treatment with cephapirin in dairy cows with purulent vaginal discharge

Effect of follicular aging on ATP content and mitochondria distribution in bovine oocytes

Embryo yield in dairy cattle after superovulation with Folltropin or Pluset

L-arginine affects the IVM of cattle cumulus-oocyte complexes

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