Ultrasonography and Embryo Transfer Workshops at the University of Saskatchewan

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Published on: March 21, 2017

Ultrasonography and Embryo Transfer Workshops are being conducted in tandem May 7 – 12, 2017 at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan with the intention of providing essential knowledge and hands-on experience for veterinary practitioners, research scientists and graduate students. The Ultrasound Workshop is a two and a half-day course covering principles of ultrasonography and equipment operation and imaging, imaging of the reproductive tract in large animals, and OPU/IVF. The Embryo Transfer Workshop is a three and a half-day course covering all aspects of embryo transfer technology in cattle.

Principal instructors for the Ultrasonography Workshop are Drs. Gregg Adams and Jaswant Singh and principal instructors for the Embryo Transfer Workshop are Drs. Reuben Mapletoft, Marcos Colazo, Gregg Adams and Jaswant Singh. Both workshops will involve lectures and hands-on lab sessions. Participants may register for one or both of the workshops, or for individual days.

For more information, contact Reuben Mapletoft (reuben.mapletoft@usask.ca), tel: (306) 222-6152, or Gregg Adams (gregg.adams@usask.ca), tel: (306) 966-7411.

To register contact: Jackie Bahnmann (Jackie.bahnmann@usask.ca), tel: (306) 966-7108, fax: (306) 966-8747.


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