President’s Award Recipient: Stephen Malin

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Published on: December 9, 2016

malin_funnellI’m generally a person of few words, so when I started to put together this small narrative, I asked a number of members of the association to provide some input. Interestingly, the responses were all very much the same: “Good, he deserves it!”

Steve has been described as “the epitome of what a professional embryo transfer practitioner should be.” Though always busy with his own practice, family, and community, Steve has often found the time to help a colleague when assistance was needed. He is never hesitant to share his knowledge and experiences with neighboring practitioners or with the newbies coming into the industry. His personal and professional conduct are an example for us all.

Steve’s commitment to service to the American Embryo Transfer Association is exemplary, evidenced by his tireless efforts serving as the chair of the Certification Committee. His humble, mild-mannered demeanor and easy, friendly smile have been an incredible asset when working in such an important role. Steve is a wealth of knowledge, and always approachable, which puts our new and certifying practitioners at ease when going through the certification process.

Steve has been absolutely stalwart in his maintenance of quality control and the standards associated with the title of certified practitioner. When the value of certification has been questioned, Steve has never deviated nor wavered in his commitment to the program or the standards it represents. He has always taken his role as chair very seriously, and never minimized the level of authority and responsibility that has been given to the Certification Committee. Often, he has had to patiently remind the AETA Board of Directors of the value and perception of certification, domestically and internationally, and the level of authority and competence it implies.

Steve’s dedication to the AETA is unquestionable. He has often used his own resources, flying his plane to complete inspections and visits, and taking time out of his schedule to do inspections, acknowledge and approve applicants, administer exams, and arrange speakers and updates for the certification session at our annual meeting. He was a member of the committee that brought us to FASS and has been directly involved in improving the financial and organizational stability of the association.

I think everyone wholeheartedly agrees that Steve is very deserving of this award. Please join me in showing our appreciation to him for all of his years of unwavering dedication and service.


-Bethany Funnell

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