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Published on: September 13, 2016

3 tips to avoid early embryonic loss in cattle

Dealing with the stubborn corpus luteum during a timed AI program

Proceedings from the 18th ICAR

Steroid hormones in bovine oviductal fluid during the estrous cycle

Effective embryo production from Holstein cows treated with gonadotropin-releasing hormone during early lactation

Pregnancy prediction on the day of embryo transfer (Day 7) and Day 14 by measuring luteal blood flow in dairy cows

Stress response and cardiac activity of term and preterm calves in the perinatal period

Presynchronization of lactating dairy cows with PGF and GnRH simultaneously, 7 days before Ovsynch have similar outcomes compared to G6G

Ghrelin suppresses the GnRH-induced preovulatory gonadotropin surge in dairy heifers

Oocyte pre-IVM with caffeine improves bovine embryo survival after vitrification

Effect of cow age on the in vitro developmental competence of oocytes obtained after FSH stimulation and coasting treatments

Luteolysis in Bos indicus cows on Days 5 and 7 of estrous cycle with varying doses of PGF

Interactions of side (left and right ovary) with the number of follicles per ovary and with the intraovarian relationships between dominant follicle and corpus luteum in heifers

Efficacy of induction of luteolysis in superovulated cows is dependent on time of prostaglandin F2alpha analog treatment: effects on plasma progesterone and luteinizing hormone profiles

Fertility of Holstein heifers after two doses of PGF2α in 5-day CO-Synch progesterone-based synchronization protocol

Effect of heat stress on the survival and development of in vitro cultured bovine preantral follicles and on in vitro maturation of cumulus–oocyte complex

Split-time artificial insemination in beef cattle: I–Using estrous response to determine the optimal time(s) at which to administer GnRH in beef heifers and postpartum cows

Impact of insulin concentration and mode of FSH addition on the in vitro survival and development of isolated bovine preantral follicles

Fertility after two doses of PGF2α concurrently or at 6-hour interval on the day of CIDR removal in 5-day CO-Synch progesterone-based synchronization protocols in beef heifers

Effects of oocyte vitrification on epigenetic status in early bovine embryos

Functional angiocoupling between follicles and adjacent corpus luteum in heifers

Expression of androgen-producing enzyme genes and testosterone concentration in Angus and Nellore heifers with high and low ovarian follicle count

Role of cumulus cells during vitrification and fertilization of mature bovine oocytes: Effects on survival, fertilization, and blastocyst development

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