September 2016 President’s Message

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Published on: September 13, 2016

Time never seems to slow down, but here we are on the cusp of a new academic year. “Back to school” can be such an exciting time for both parents and students, and is also exciting for professors and teachers. It is wonderful to see fresh faces come through the classroom doors, full of inquisition and ambition. I want to take an opportunity to thank all of the practitioners out there who have hosted students at their practices, to show them the how’s and why’s of the embryo transfer industry. All of the feedback I get from the DVM students at Purdue has been very positive, and I would encourage our membership to reach out to the veterinary institution in their respective states, to have a student or two visit your practice or participate in an externship or preceptorship. It is a rewarding experience, and the students take away more than you ever imagined they could.

The AETA committees have been well about their work for the Association. A protocol for the import of IVF embryos to Australia is nearing finalization. The Cooperator Committee is working on finding volunteers for a QSP project to India and continuing work with the group from Kazakhstan. The Certification Committee is refining and updating the certification exam, as well as exploring the possibility of online modules for CE credits for certified members. The Membership Committee is reviewing applications for the AETA Student Scholarship, and Education Committee is working on an advertising campaign for the AETA. I cannot thank our Committee members enough for the great work that they are doing for the Association, and look forward to the exciting progress that the AETA will make in the coming years. Again, if any members have an interest in serving the Association, at the Committee level or the Director level, please let someone know. The success of the organization requires the input and efforts from its membership.

As you are all aware, registration for the AETA/CETA Joint Convention is now open. The program looks exciting, with a great variety of topics. The Joint Convention Committee has brought back the “Practice Tips” sessions, which are always interesting and often very helpful. The central location of St. Louis I hope will make travel for our membership fairly smooth and not arduous. As you all do, I look forward to an excellent meeting and to catch up with friends and colleagues.

I hope everyone has had a productive year, thus far, and I hope 2016 continues to be a good year as we start to head down the other side of the hill, toward the fall and winter months. I hope to see you at the convention, and, by the way, we’re not twins. There is a decade between us.

Bethany Funnell

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