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Published on: March 28, 2016

KeimA Few Things I Have Learned

  1. Nothing good can happen to embryos sitting on the countertop. International travel has taught me to appreciate and be more tolerant of other cultures and religions. Everyone should take the time to visit Israel for a few days. Dr. Hornickel and I have worked together and relied on each other for nearly 40 years. Now we need each other to remember people’s names.
  2. I have gained so much respect for the full-time ET vets that developed their businesses from scratch. I’m sure they experienced the many risks and satisfying moments that we did.
  3. We shouldn’t need incentives to do quality work, but extra motivation comes from owning some donors of your own, or having clients pay you on a per-pregnancy basis.
  4. I have learned a lot about myself and others around me following a life-threatening event.

What I Believe (But Cannot Necessarily Prove)

  1. Cows in Wisconsin produce more embryos in the winter during increasing daylight hours.
  2. Too many ET practitioners and their clients find a 50% pregnancy rate acceptable.
  3. During a long career, I have seen the ET specialty experience: A decrease in pg rate when nonsurgical replaced surgical transfers, A decrease in pg rate when ethylene glycol and DT replaced glycerol freezing, and A decrease in pg rate when ov sync programs replaced heat detection in milking recipients.
  1. More emphasis should be placed on getting embryos transferred or frozen more quickly.
  2. Supreme Court Justice Scalia was killed in Texas on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

What I Am Proud Of

  1. Being on the AETA board of directors was a good experience. We had great leadership on the board that guided us through some controversial issues.
  2. I am proud of where we are because of where we were. After doing ET work on a part-time basis, Dan and I left our group practices to form our partnership. This was a dive into the deep end of the pool (our wives say they were pushed). In the first years we did more farm work than ET. I think we survived thanks to our wives’ careers, patient families, and trusting employees and breeders. I’m proud of the decisions and the adaptations our business has made to serve our clients. Dr. Schueller’s decision to head the IVF program is the latest example.
  3. I am proud of the Holsteins and Brown Swiss that we have bred that have done well for others. While trying to produce heifers to sell, we also happened to breed some of the Swiss breed’s most popular bulls in the United States and around the world. After showing nearly every year (since 1967) at the Madison show, we finally had Grand Champion in 2006. This cow was owned with Jeff Boldt, a long-time employee. This was an exciting time for all of us!
  4. I’m proud of my golf game—still improving with a lot of practice.
  5. If you were to meet any of our three grown children, you would want to know them better.
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