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Published on: September 23, 2015

In vitro bovine embryo production in a synthetic medium: Embryo development, cryosurvival, and establishment of pregnancy

Influence of puberty and antral follicle count on calving day in crossbred beef heifers

Transfer of cattle embryos produced with sex-sorted semen results in impaired pregnancy rate and increased male calf mortality

Characterization of persistent follicles induced by prolonged treatment with progesterone in dairy cows: An experimental model for the study of ovarian follicular cysts

Progesterone supplementation after ovulation: Effects on corpus luteum function and on fertility of dairy cows subjected to AI or ET

Differences between follicular waves 1 and 2 in patterns of emergence of 2-mm follicles, associated FSH surges, and ovarian vascular perfusion in heifers

Comparison of 4- versus 5-day Co-Synch + controlled internal drug release (CIDR) + timed artificial insemination protocols in dairy heifers

Postmortem findings in cloned and transgenic piglets dead before weaning

Characterization of transforming growth factor beta superfamily, growth factors, transcriptional factors, and lipopolysaccharide in bovine cystic ovarian follicles

Seasonal heat stress: Clinical implications and hormone treatments for the fertility of dairy cows

In vivo and in vitro study of the function of the left and right bovine ovaries

Preselection of high and low ovulatory responders in sheep multiple ovulation and embryo transfer programs

Bovine in vitro reproduction models can contribute to the development of (female) fertility preservation strategies

Effect of different gonadorelin (GnRH) products used for the first or resynchronized timed artificial insemination on pregnancy rates in postpartum dairy cows

Pregnancy rates and serum 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-PGF2α concentrations in recipient Nelore heifers treated with meloxicam after the transfer of in vitro–produced embryos

Reproductive performance of Brown Swiss, Holstein and their crosses under subtropical environmental conditions

Transgenic cattle produced by nuclear transfer of fetal fibroblasts carrying Ipr1 gene at a specific locus

Factors associated with the differential in actual gestational age and gestational age predicted from transrectal ultrasonography in pregnant dairy cows

Diameter of the ovulatory follicle at timed artificial insemination as a predictor of pregnancy status in lactating dairy cows subjected to GnRH-based protocols

Treatment of clinical endometritis in dairy cows by previously used controlled internal drug release devices

Lengthened superstimulatory treatment in cattle: Evidence for rescue of follicles within a wave rather than continuous recruitment of new follicles

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