AETA 2014 Scholarship Winner Report: Kevin Pettit

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Published on: December 22, 2014

While planning to attend the American Embryo Transfer Annual Conference, I was looking to gain knowledge that would not only benefit me when I was out in practice, but more importantly to help producers. Additionally, I was excited for the opportunity to network with leaders within the industry and learn about new technologies.

This annual conference was packed with educational opportunities.  I was blessed with the opportunity to arrive early and attend the farm tour. Being able to see firsthand how important embryo transfer has become to producers is simply amazing. Touring these farms allowed me to see the end product that everyone working with embryos is working for. One of the more beneficial parts of the conference to me was the preconference demonstration modules. I got the opportunity to improve my embryo evaluating skills as well as catheter placement for horn flushes. Perhaps the most interesting hands-on module was being able to practice long and short needle follicular aspiration. The scientific conferences were very beneficial. The information that was presented was very applicable for everyday use in practice.  With improvements in existing protocols and new protocols having been discussed involving embryo transfer, practitioners, including me, can apply that information to help animal production. The acquaintances and friends that I made at the conference will surely benefit my future career in embryo transfer/follicular aspiration.

While in veterinary school I have taken advantage of advanced reproduction classes but still thirst for more knowledge. Not only did I gain knowledge from these sessions, but I also feel as though I could bring the knowledge back to others in veterinary practices. With the world’s population growing at an astonishing rate, it is now more important than ever for producers to provide the largest safest quantity of food possible. Embryo transfer can help make this a reality. Learning more about embryo transfer and the improvements in the field will assist me to help future clients, especially in food animal production. I would like to thank everyone again for this wonderful opportunity and hope to further build on the knowledge that I have gained from this conference.

Grateful Student,

Kevin Pettit

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