AETA 2014 Scholarship Winner Report: Elizabeth Kocab

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Published on: December 22, 2014

One of the greatest challenges in veterinary school is trying not lose sight of your career goals and staying motivated. Attending the AETA/CETA convention this year reminded me of why I am so excited to become a part of this profession in a few years. This was my first experience at a conference and I honestly did not know what to expect. I am very blessed and grateful for the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin for the convention and hope that the scholarship program continues in the future.

I have been fortunate enough to shadow a certified embryo transfer practitioner over the past three years and know that I want to continue learning about it and make it part of my practice one day. Unfortunately, a lot of students are not familiar with embryo transfer, but they would be more involved if given the opportunity. As next year’s president of our student chapter of the Society for Theriogenology, I thought it was the perfect chance to bring embryo transfer to students at Oklahoma State University. I was able to make contacts and learn about the field so that I can share that information with them and hopefully bring more students to future conventions.

It was reassuring to see so many students at the convention especially since I traveled alone. The student workshops were very beneficial and gave me ideas for wetlabs that could be done at our school. I can say with confidence that the time I spent at the convention was invaluable to me as I work toward my career goals and continue with classes. I feel as though this experience has put me ahead of other students in my class and has opened up new opportunities for me for the future. I greatly appreciate the time and commitment that this organization spends toward student involvement and am proud to be a student member.

Elizabeth Kocab

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