Practice Tip 2: How to level up your work van

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Published on: December 22, 2014

One AETA member proposed the question, “How do other guys level up their ET vans; that is, how do they get a level work surface?” Three practitioners were asked the question, and their responses are presented here. The newsletter would welcome any additional ideas that might be out there, just send them on to Jeremy at the AETA office.

Dr. John Schneller writes, “My leveling technique is embarrassingly simple. My scope is not attached to my tabletop, so I fold a two paper towels and slip one under each of the lower corners of the scope.”

Dr. Charles Wray has an adjustable countertop mounted over a fixed tabletop in his mobile lab. At the four corners of the countertop are four 3/8″ by 5″ bolts that can be adjusted by hand into four corresponding 3/8″ deep pockets in the fixed tabletop. The bolts are individually attached to the countertop by a nut welded to a strip of metal, which is attached to the underside of the countertop. I do nothing special to secure the countertop during transport than have the bolts extended to the bottom of the pockets in the tabletop. There is a picture of this work area.








Dr. Allen Rushmer carries two wooden block in his van. They are 2” by 8-10” stock, and one is a double. He finds that he can level out the van in most places using some combination of these blocks under the appropriate wheels.

Rushmer1 Rushmer2

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