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Published on: September 10, 2014

Comparison of fertility, regular returns-to-estrus, and calving interval between Ovsynch and CO-synch + CIDR protocols in dairy cows


Effect of intraovarian proximity between dominant follicle and corpus luteum on dimensions and blood flow of each structure in heifers


Ultrasonographic fetal parameters and neonatal survival in somatic cell nuclear transfer derived beef calves


Effect of interval from induction of puberty to initiation of a timed AI protocol on pregnancy rate in Nellore heifers

The microenvironment of the ovarian follicle in the postpartum dairy cow: Effects on reagent transfer from cumulus cells to oocytes in vitro


The effects of exclusion of progesterone or Day 0 GnRH from a GnRH, prostaglandin, GnRH + progesterone program on synchronization of ovulation in pasture-based dairy heifers


Implications of storage and handling conditions on glass transition and potential devitrification of oocytes and embryos


Effect of time and dose of recombinant follicle stimulating hormone agonist on the superovulatory response of sheep


Use of a single injection of long-acting recombinant bovine FSH to superovulate Holstein heifers: A preliminary study

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