New Educational Link on Dairy Cattle Reproduction

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Published on: June 17, 2014

A new link has been set up in the Educational Materials section of the AETA website directing viewers to:  This website is a reference guide produced at Michigan State University and it is designed to promote better understanding of dairy cattle reproduction and fertility programs.  The site contains some amazing 3D animations of follicular development during the estrous cycle and during a synchronization program.  And there are ultrasound videos of the ovarian follicular development during the cycle which greatly help relate the animation to a real life clinical exam.  There is more: ultrasound videos of embryonic/fetal development between 29 and 75 days of gestation and printable calendars of dairy cattle fertility programs.  And there is also a list of recent publications by the MSU dairy reproduction scientists.

This website is a great, practical reference for anyone interested in dairy cattle reproduction.  You should check it out today!

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