2014 Recipient of the IETS Distinguished Service Award: Dr. John F. Hasler

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Published on: June 17, 2014


HaslerDr. John F. Hasler obtained BS and MA degrees from the University of Missouri followed by 2 years in the US Army, and then a PhD from the University of Illinois, where he studied reproduction of the collared lem­ming, a very seasonal breeder.  One of his mentors in Illinois was Phillip Dziuk, who received the IETS Pioneer Award in 2001.

After his PhD, Dr. Hasler spent 3 years as a postdoctoral student/research associate at the Bovine Embryo Transfer Laboratory at Colorado State University, where he participated in many research projects concerning embryo transfer, including the relationship of blood progesterone concen­trations and pregnancy rates in embryo transfer recipients.  In 1977, he and his young family moved to Canada, where he worked in commercial embryo transfer.

In 1979, he and Dr. Alan McCauley started the company EmTran Inc. in Pennsylvania. For the next 22 years, EmTran was a dominant player in commercial embryo transfer in the United States, pioneering applications including splitting embryos, simplifying procedures for cryopreserving embryos, genotyping and sexing embryos, and especially in vitro fertiliza­tion, the latter resulting in the third most cited paper in the history of the journal Theriogenology. Procedures for improving superovulation and extensive analyses of pregnancy rates with varying asynchrony of donor/recipi­ent estrus were studied and published. In fact, for 2 decades, the numerous publications from EmTran set the industry standard for comprehensiveness, reliability, and sharing of information. Many veterinarians worked at EmTran and EmTran West, a California branch, and a number of them subsequently established their own suc­cessful embryo transfer practices.

Dr. Hasler provided his services to IETS on numerous occasions.  To date, he has never missed any of the 40 an­nual meetings. He served 2 terms on the Board of Governors, in each case as Secretary/Treasurer. He was chair or co-chair of 3 IETS meetings, and was an invited speaker at 6 annual meetings.  He similarly served the Amer­ican Embryo Transfer Association in a number of capacities, and received their Embryo Transfer Person of the Year Award in 1993.  He also has represented the embryo transfer industry repeatedly by giving many dozens of talks at other meetings.

In 2001, EmTran Inc. was sold, and John and his wife, Marilyn, moved to Colorado where he was employed as director of research for the company XY Inc., which was developing practical procedures for sexing semen.  In recent years, he has worked nearly full time as a technical consultant for Bioniche Inc., and he regularly writes columns for the AETA and CETA newsletters. He also continues to assist with research projects at Colorado State University on a regular basis.

Dr. Hasler is clearly an engaged proponent of our industry, who has helped in any capacity requested. He is a most worthy recipient of the 2014 IETS Distinguished Service Award.

IETS 40th Annual Conference


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