AETA 2013 Scholarship Winner Report: Benjamin Winslow

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Published on: December 19, 2013

I was hopeful that attending the 2013 Convention for AETA & CETA/ACTE would be a good experience.  After all, the program suggested an event full of practical advice and novel concepts, delivered by some of the field’s most respected and well-credentialed clinicians and researchers, and accompanied by exhibits from the industry’s most relevant suppliers.  Sky-high expectations leave abundant room for disappointment.  However, that was not at all the case in this instance.  Attending the Convention was an incredibly awesome, inspiring experience.  I will forever be extremely grateful to AETA for bringing it to fruition for me.

From ET101 to ultrasound applications, IVF’s growing future, and the latest developments in progesterone research—and so much more—I really enjoyed and learned from every speaker.  I appreciated that everything was practitioner-oriented, but not at the expense of watering down the science.  Even more impressive to me, however, was to witness the way in which members greeted and interacted with each other.  It very quickly became obvious that this organization is glued together with deep-rooted friendships.  Perhaps still more inspiring was the open-arms attitude with which we newcomers were accepted.  It was great to see a group not at all attempting to build or maintain exclusiveness, but instead vigorously welcoming beginners into the fold.  I look forward to cultivating further the budding relationships formed with both veteran practitioners and fellow students.

Had there been any trace of doubt as to whether I want to become an Embryo Transfer practitioner, it would have been completely eradicated within hours of arriving at the 2013 Convention.  While I harbored no such doubts, this experience nevertheless further cemented that this is what I want to do.  (And that is without even considering the vapor shipper I fortunately won in a raffle!)  I look forward to attending future Conventions.  I wish to express sincerest gratitude to all AETA members for making this experience possible.  Thank you!

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